How Best To Help Your New Enrollee Get Started In Home Business

How Best To Get Your New Member Started In Home Business

Have you ever just enrolled a new person in your business and not known what to do next.

Many people don't know and basically leave the new person to their own devices.


Strike while the iron is hot.


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Watch the video and then we'll discuss further.

Here's the truth, right at the very moment that your prospect joins your business(starts their own business), is the time to get them started.  Help them get up and running and starting to earn money, then their belief and excitement will skyrocket, they will see their goals getting closer and will more likely go and reach outside their comfort zone and do some of the tasks that most people would be initially scared to do.

So how to best help people.

I ask them when you remove a band aid do you do it slow and painful or do you rip it fast and get it over with.

Most people rip it fast.

So would you like to build your business slow and painful or rip it apart and get explosive growth.

So help them start contacting there and then,  help them make 10 calls right off the bat before they have the opportunity to think about it and let the little man in their head start talking to them.

Now because they are excited to join, the people they call will be more likely to look at the opportunity.  Help them follow up with the people they called.  Help them sponsor as many as possible out of the 10 calls.  then grab the new person and repeat the process.

By leap frogging deeper and deeper in your business.  all the people above will get excited and start taking action on their own.  Duplication will start to spread like wild fire.  Keep driving deeper into your business and help train and develop leaders as you go down.

Acknowledge any actions that people take.  It is rare for people to be given an “atta boy”  for anything they have done in their work live before.  Create a culture of community and help in any way you can.  It is exciting to see everything come together.


As I outline in my “Secret to Online Success Commnunity” on facebook there is an 8 step process that will guarantee you success if you implement it.

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Step 1. Why & How to Create a Community.
Step 2. Create Compelling Content
Step 3. Invite People To Get Your Community Rolling
Step 4. Personally Connect with New Members
Step 5. Communicate – Build Relationships
Step 6. Invite and Close People Into Your Business.
Step 7. Help them get up and running.
Step 8. Wash Rinse Repeat.

If you implement these strategies and methods you WILL get results in your business, so don't delay get on it..!

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