My Story

My Story

My journey in the network marketing industry started near 20 years ago back when I was invited to a home meeting with a white board…………. Yep you know the one, I was too young and wasn't ready never did much with it.  Failed attempt number 1, however the concept stuck in my head.

The same “Opportunity” came around about five years later, this time I was a bit more mature and did make a fist of it, I built a growing organization not huge but growing only to wake up one morning and have most of it poached by “The next big Thing”.  This broke my spirit with this company, I vowed never to be tempted by it again – the phobia just seemed too strong to overcome. Failed attempt number 2.

Attempt number 3 – A skin care, vitamin company, was having a pre-launch into Australia and I got in 3rd in the country just by circumstance.  I crunched it – blasted 30 people in within 2 weeks  duplication was starting to take hold and we were away….. You little beauty at last……..  

Then the company pulled out of Australia.  

Not my fault…..

Then I dabbled in internet marketing of affiliate programs but had no real system of generating leads as i didn't have any real training.  Made a few bucks but it was never going to replace the income.

If any of this ring true to home please let me know – lol.

One thing through all these trials and tribulations remained constant.  I believe that the concept of network marketing is amazing – 

the ability to help others – 

duplicate your efforts and in essence leverage time to generate freedom both in time and finances –  in my eyes is simply awesome…..

I have always had a passion for the industry and I have now begun connecting with people and individuals that are having a massive positive influence in my life.

This is no doubt one of the best times in history to be alive and living with a purpose. I am truly getting to chase my dreams.

There is no greater joy in life than helping someone in need who genuinely wants to be helped, and you have the capability to help them.  I love it….



One More thing.

Not all programs or companies are made equal.  I have looked at most.  I have narrowed down my scope and focus on industries that are growing and sustainable.

You can't win the Melbourne Cup(Kentucky Derby) on a Donkey.

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My Story tells of an unhappy person, feeling like he was just existing in life, who made the choice to change it.  I made my choice, if you feel in any way the same maybe you should choose to change your situation also????

I have found a passion in helping and training others to change their situation.   I would love to hear from you.

I urge you to reach out to me by liking my FB page below and messaging me.

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