6 Secrets To Enticing More MLM Prospects Into Joining Your Business

6 Secrets To Enticing More MLM Prospects Into Joining Your Business

6 Secrets To Enticing More MLM Prospects Into Joining Your Business


Do you want to entice more MLM Prospects into joining your business?

So many marketers struggle to convert the leads they do generate into signups for their business, today I will give you 6 tips on how not to be one of them.

Converting MLM leads is not that hard once you learn a few simple skills.

Lets watch the video and we will discuss further after.





MLM Closing Tip 1:  Be The Person They Want to Join

Imagine in your mind what your perfect sponsor would be like, then become that person.  Provide training, help, support, mentorship, acknowledgement and just be nice.   Most of this can be done through your compelling content creation.  If ever you are asked a question by your team, create a video and blog post on how to solve it.  Not only will it be a hands free resource for your team down the road, it will double as a lead magnet for other people experiencing similar problems online.  Basically build Your Brand.

MLM Tip 2:  Eliminate The Hype

Don't be the person that shouts from the roof tops we are going to make 50K in 30 days, you me and everyone else knows this is bullshit (excuse the french).  This will likely turn people away from you than attract them.

Don't get me wrong, sharing real, provable results is a good way to attract leads.  You need to create the results then share them.  It could be a simple as generating 10 leads in a day, 1 signup 3 days in a row….. The thing is even basic results like that are better than most achieve.

MLM Success Tip 3:  Have a Vision

People follow those who know where they are going.

If you have a defined dream or goal and then internalize it, feel what it will be like to have it often, then the law of attraction will provide it for you.  This is a whole other training, but well worth researching.

Vision boards, affirmations, focus sessions all will help with this.  Even when I just have a break and sit outside for a moment, I visualize my goals to the point of feeling myself living it.  Try it, you'll get fired up and take inspired action.

MLM Community Tip 4:  Have a Community

Having a running mate that you report to daily not only makes you accountable but also inspires you to achieve more.

Once you have a team build a sense of community around them, people alway  want to feel they are part of something.  This can be done in skype groups, facebook groups, hangouts……  But the major one is the travel events.  The big events that you and your team have to travel to get to.   Make them a part of your business and promote them to your entire team.

MLM Tip 5:  Talk To More Open People

There is no point flogging a dead horse.  If your prospect is 100% happy with what they are doing, leave them be, offer to help in any way you can and move on rather than wasting time on them.

If you focus on talking with more people, you will strike a leader who is open and ready for exactly what you have to offer.  Believe it and keep searching, your leaders will find you.

MLM Success Tip 6:  Talk Less To More People

As I described in the video, if you talk less or ask more questions – learn more about your mlm prospect, their problems, dislikes, hopes and dreams.  You will determine very quickly if they maybe open to your opportunity, but you will be able to present it as a solution to their problem rather than just getting the video out and hope that the sales video will sell them on their dream.

Your prospect will watch your presentation with more of a mindset of what can i get out of this rather than what is he trying to suck me into…….  You will be astounded with the results if you use this strategy.


If your new to the online world it can be a treacherous place, be careful and weary, do NOT believe everything that people say on there.  If you watch a video with some big shot driving a Ferrari to his big home and promising to make 20,000 in two day's…..  He might, you won't.


If you have the right program and go about marketing the right way, results can come quickly.

If you don't know where to start or just need help to market you current opportunity, I urge you to reach out to me by liking my FB page below and messaging me.


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