How To Invite and Close Facebook Prospects Into Your Business

Best Way To Personally Connect And Communicate With Facebook Prospects

Have you ever wanted to invite and close more facebook prospects into your business?

Today, I will give you a fail proof strategy on the best way to do so.

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First you need to understand that you prospect will always be of the mindset of “What's in it for me”.

So you need to know what they are looking to achieve – what problems they need to solve –  what goals they want to achieve, before you even forward your opportunity.

The old saying you need to slow down to speed up rings true.

Wouldn't it be easier to spend a little longer on a prospect to have them come in and join you as a loyal member who is motivated by a vision to get it done…. Than getting your link out more often and sign people who would like some extra money and never do anything.  I'll take the former please I suspect you would do the same.

What's the saying?  “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Anyway, watch the video, I may let out a couple of nuggets.

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How to Invite and Close on Facebook

OK you will need to follow a basic outline as follows:

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  • Build Rapport – Know like and trust.
  • Have Credibility – Posture
  • Learn Information – Know their Pain Points
  • Rub it in – Get Emotional Response
  • Offer Your Opportunity as a Solution
  • Have some Urgency To Follow Up – 3 Way

In fact I have written a series on how to get an immediate yes.  Read Here

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What Are The Secrets to Sponsoring People – Part 3 of 3


As I outline in my “Secret to Online Success Commnunity” on facebook there is an 8 step process that will guarantee you success if you implement it.

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How To Build Your Business For FREE Using Facebook Alone.
Step 1. Why & How to Create a Community.
Step 2. Create Compelling Content
Step 3. Invite People To Get Your Community Rolling
Step 4. Personally Connect with New Members
Step 5. Communicate – Build Relationships
Step 6. Invite and Close People Into Your Business.
Step 7. Help them get up and running.
Step 8. Wash Rinse Repeat.

If you implement these strategies and methods you WILL get results in your business, so don't delay get on it..!


Just on a side note I wrote a piece on “What it Will Take To Succeed In Networking” in a previous post that I really believe you will get value from. Check it out. What Is The Secret To Networking Success?

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