Like Paint on the Sidewalk – Blogging Spreads Out

So keep topping up the paint…… Very quick post today, to share my views on the benefits of blogging.   In my warped mind last night I was wondering what the hell I could post today that would provide value to all who read.  I actually stepped in dog poo on the lawn yesterday and do you think I could get it off……….


But rather than posting about dog shit, I thought I might clean it up a bit LOL.  Blogging is forever, your content will build up as you post more and more often.  Using the metaphor of paint on the sidewalk – someone will eventually step in it and spread it out.  Every time this happens it becomes more likely that someone else will step in it.   The more this happens the more visible becomes your mark.  In essence if people see your blog (paint) this equals traffic.  More paint(blogging) – More traffic….  Simple as that…..


Gettin Blog Post Exposure

So when you place a blog post how do you get it seen?  Ther are many groups on facebook to help you syndicate your blog, search around and you will find many.

If you want to get every blog post automatically re-tweeted more than 30 times. Join this group. Automated Twitter Syndication Tribe go to the about tab and read the rules. Follow the steps, include post suffix as not mentioned in video….lol


Using Your Blog as a Hub

To utilize a blog as a hub for your lead generation efforts online is a wise move. Blogging is forever, any content you put out on the internet will eventually be found by someone……. Like the photo – sooner or later someone will fall into your sales funnel….. It's a way of generating leads out of thin air……. But that's another Blog post all on it's own…LOL….. Stay tuned. If you have not got a blog and believe that it would be an awesome tool but do not know where to start. Click Here to start blogging immediately. This is a low cost blog with all the plugins and SEO optimization done for you off the shelf.


Facebook Fan Page

If you are more of a Facebook person, you could use a Facebook Fan or Business Page as a hub. For an example pop over to my Fan PageLike It and have a look around. You will find training on how to set your own FB Page up – just click the TAB next to the photo's.


Lead Generation

If your like many people in the Network Marketing – MLM – Affiliate program industry, you have probably burnt through your warm market. What now…..? the lifeblood of every business is the constant input of hot targeted leads. How do you achieve this?


Click Here to Gain Instant Access to a Free Presentation on the Exact Lead Generation Blueprint I use to get sales and signups on complete autopilot and how you can too in your business.


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