How to Install a Facebook Business Page

How to Install a Facebook Business Page

Very quick Post today, to teach you how to install a Facebook Business page.  It is a simple process that can be invaluable in your business exposure.  I have been asked countless times for assistance in setting one up.  I am posting this video today to cater for the new marketers just starting out.



How to Install a Facebook Business page – Build an Audience

Your audience in effect is the number of likes you have.  You can start by adding your friends and family simply by looking in your admin panel above the page.

After you initial friend invites, building your fan base will be down to one of two things.  Your content attracting interaction or paid advertising. The cheapest way to build your “Likes” is to post video's, photo's or text that has compels your fans to comment or like.  Once a like, share or conversation is started the string will show on that persons wall and their friends will see it – they may comment or like.  The more people that interact with your post the wider your reach.  You will gain likes along the way.

In your admin panel, you will see “Likes” and “People talking about this” – these are important because facebook runs an algorithm called “Edgerank” that determines where on the wall your post will land.  If you edgerank is high it will land at the top and more people will see it and have a chance to also interact.  Your goal is for it to go viral.

I will post a training video on how to set up a paid advertisement to build your fan base tomorrow.

It does NOT matter what compensation plan, company or product, it is extremely important that you learn how to generate leads. Leads, more appropriately known as people, are the life-blood of any business. If you lack the understanding of how to generate leads, you’re business will cost you dearly and ultimately fail becoming a waste of your time, hard earned money and even a smack to your self-esteem.

So how do we learn how to generate leads for your Online business?


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