Facebook vs Google + Marketing

Truth Between Facebook vs Google Plus Marketing


facebook vs google plus marketing

What is the truth between Facebook vs Google Plus Marketing you ask?

If you are serious about utilizing social media to generate leads and sales for your business, the information below is absolutely important for you.

I will run through advantages of each giving you the edge when it comes to social media marketing.

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Facebook vs Google Plus Market Share

Here's the thing, Facebook has more users at this stage for sure, but the gap is closing.  Due to the added features on Google+ more and more people are adopting it each day. but not just anyone, professional people.

Why are so many Professionals adopting Google Plus?

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  • Local Marketing – Map listing
  • Boosted Search Results
  • Ranking Google Plus posts easily
  • More Flexibility with circles
  • Ability to edit posts…. HUGE
  • Just to name a few……


Google Plus vs Facebook Features

Facebook has more users for sure but Google+ has a higher caliber of user.  I am not saying drop facebook by any means, use both, share your content to both, connect with people on both.

Facebook Friends list is just that, one list, google plus has circles – you can have as many circles as you want and name them what ever you want.  Very Powerful.  See my post on Google Plus Marketing

Facebook has groups, Google Plus Has Communities.  Very similar, but as a community owner you have the ability to email your Google+ community members when you post content.  Extremely powerful, but not to be abused, strategically email only posts of extreme value.

Facebook has Pages,  Google + also has pages.  Similar again.

google vs facebook

Google Plus has several features that are an advantage over Facebook:

  • is connected to your YouTube account
  • has a links list on your profile
  • allows you to upload gif's
  • Ranks your post in Google to your followers
  • Ability to have multiple circles(friends lists) that you can name
  • Ability to email to members of communities and pages.
  • Ability to edit your posts.
  • Hangout chat that can be easily turned to video chat. (Facebook has a similar feature but it always had an error for me)

Google Plus vs Facebook for Business

Here's the thing.  I'm not saying drop Facebook and adopt Google Plus.  Just the contrary.  Use both.  When you create valuable content, training and teaching you target market.  Post it to both, increase your exposure.  You will find more followers.


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