Google Plus Marketing

4 Easy Strategies When Google Plus Marketing


Google Plus Marketing

These simple strategies will help explode your Google Plus Marketing to the next level.

If you are serious about generating leads and sales for your business then these Google Plus marketing tips will help you.


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Google Plus Marketing Strategy

Why use Google+ I hear you ask.  Well the only real disadvantage of Google + is that there are fewer users than Facebook, however, the quality of user is at a much higher level.

Business people and professionals tend to adopt g+ sooner rather than later leaving the kids sharing dog video's back on Facebook where they belong.

How To Use Google Plus For Business

First and foremost it is important to complete your personal profile fully and professionally, providing your target market with the information they will require of you.  Be honest, don't claim to be something your not.  The truth will come out eventually, then any rapport you have built over time will be lost.

I say use your personal profile for a couple of reasons.

Firstly you should be branding yourself as the expert of authority, not your company. (unless you are your company)  For example if you worked for a real estate company as an agent, and you promote their business, if for some reason you relocate then all your marketing will be left with them.  If you personally brand, your marketing follows you.

Secondly, people are at least 50% more likely to add you back as an individual rather than a business page.

Google Plus Marketing Guide

So I guess you are asking what to market?

If you would like to have an example pop over to my Google Plus profile to the left.  As you can see my target market is business owners, whether it be traditional brick and mortar, trades, sales or home/network marketing.

I teach…..  I inform…. I train….
My Target Market….

Here's how you would market any business no matter what your niche.

You Teach….  You Inform…   You Train….
Your Target Market….

Those who see your content, find it valuable and informative will automatically see you as an authority.  It's human nature.

The Recurring Lead Generation Formula

Create Blog posts and accompanying video's each targeted to a keyword within you niche.  Share it to Google+ and other social media platforms.

While your here be sure to grab a copy of my Recurring Lead Generation Formula  ====

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One Of The Best Google+ Benefits

Now that you have an awesome page and authoritative content now what?

Well one of the best Google + benefits is that you can add as many people to your circles as you want.  A Google Plus circle is basically like a Facebook friends list, but you can have as many circles as you want and name them whatever you want.

This alone will enable you to lazer in on your target market.  search for people that live in your desired geographical area or niche and add them.  This can even be outsourced if desired.

Once you have added them share your content to that circle as you post it.  Many more eyes will see it.

For network marketers, when people add you back, that is when you can message them, but please do not spam links….  connect, make a friend, build rapport with posture and the opportunity to  share your opportunity will come.  Send your link once permission is given by your prospect.  You will achieve way better results this way as you know that people only buy from someone they know, like and trust.  Got It…. Moving on.

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An added bonus to this strategy is that you will hijack he Google search rankings See My Post


In Summary

The 4 easy strategies for Google Plus Marketing

(1) Embrace Google Plus as a lead generation source.

(2) Complete your profile properly then post your content to Google Plus as well as your other social media locations.

(3) Create quality content that your target market will find value in.

(4) Finally simply add people living in the location you want leads and sales from.

Do this on a regular basis and the leads will start flowing.


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