YouTube – How to get Subscriptions Likes and Positive Comments

YouTube – How to get Subscriptions Likes and Positive Comments

Have you got a YouTube Channel that you would like to share with the world – get more subscriptions, likes and positive comments.  Then this post will help you gain some of the YouTube love that you are looking for………



YouTube – How to get Subscriptions Likes and Comments


I am an avid video marketer, I have found that this tool is simply friggen awesome. VAGEX
It works like this. other real people from all over the world watch video's to earn credits to have theirs watched by real people. You can also have likes, subscribes and favorites added by real users. Comments are also available, but they are a little spammy so I only use this sparingly right at the start. I use facebook syndication tribes to get better comments. Here is a video explaining all about it.


So Grab your copy of VAGEX today. You can open a free account, and always upgrade later is needed. But remember you can earn 1000 credits a day just with facebook and twitter as shown in the video above. This alone is usually enough for most video marketers.


YouTube – How to get Subscriptions Likes and Positive Comments – Blog Tricks


Watch this quick video if you want to increase your YouTube audience and standing. Firstly I appologize for the sound but there a few cool tricks to do on your blog.



YouTube – How to get Subscriptions Likes and Positive Comments – Facebook Tribe


An awesome way of getting exposure, likes, positive comments and subscriptions that are organic would be to join the Facebook group I created.  This group is dedicated to subscribe to your channel, then like and leave a positive comment on every other members featured video.


There are strict rules that must be adhered to, No Spam, No Crap, No Links.  But if you have quality Video's that provide COMEDY, VALUE, INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION and EDUCATION you are gladly welcomed.  We are not here for “profanity” or “Poor Taste” or “Blatant sales Pitch Videos” – If this occurs a 1-2 your OUT policy applies so feel safe.


If there is a video that is inappropriate, please message admin and we will remove it and message all members to do so as well. In other words if you do the right thing you will receive benefit – if not – your gone and any benefit you did get will be removed.


Facebook Link to share and expand this awesome group.


YouTube – How to get Subscriptions  – Blog SideBar

As described and illustrated in the above video.  Here is the HTML Code required copy and paste code in and change to your username.


YouTube Subscribe Button (Change add_user= to your username)

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”><img title=”Youtube Subscribe” src=”” alt=”” width=”130″ height=”130″ /></a>


YouTube Subscribe Button Sidebar (Change add_user= to your username)

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”><img title=”Youtube Subscribe” src=”” alt=”” width=”250″ height=”130″ /></a>


YouTube – How to get Subscriptions – Engaging.


Obviously you can gain subscriptions and comments the natural way by posting quality video's that other people are going to watch and want to see more of.


Engaging with other users commenting on their posts, liking video's and subscribing to their channel and simply asking for the return favor will work over time.


Ok that's about it Happy YouTubing.



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  1. Hey Andrew, thanks for providing the code for the sidebar YouTube subscribe button. I’m def going to be adding it to my site as well. Your Facebook share group sounds like a fantastic group for added organic views. Thanks for setting this up to benefit everyone doing video marketing.


    1. Andrew Twelftree

      No problem Val I was thinking of adding the rule of commenting liking and viewing every video rather than just the featured. Once you come over I would value your opinion. Don’t forget to give this page a review hey?

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