Youtube Marketing – FB Group Skyrockets Your Google and Youtube Ranking Efforts

Youtube Marketing – FB Group Skyrockets Your Google and Youtube Ranking Efforts


YouTube Marketing - Youtube RankingYoutube Marketing is the new wave of the future, as it becomes more and more difficult to rank blog posts in Google. Youtube ranking, is fast emerging as a dominant search engine all on its own.  Youtube Marketing done right can be an extremely lucrative method to get traffic to both your blog and other offer's.




Youtube Marketing – Importance of Channel Set Up For Youtube Ranking

Tube Traffic MojoEvery additional step you take in Youtube Marketing  counts to help Youtube Ranking.  It starts with what email address you use in gmail, how you establish your google + account which is linked to your Youtube Channel.  How you build your google + friends, your youtube settings, security, background, links, bio, custom channel name. ……  So much stuff makes so much difference.

Here is the thing, I learn't near every thing I know from The guys who set up TUBE TRAFFIC MOJO.  This training coarse is second to none.  If you are serious about internet marketing using Youtube Marketing as your spear head, then you need to take a serious look at TTMClick Here


Master LeadsOne step Further, if you are looking to invest in your future in internet marketing and you like the look of  Tube Traffic Mojo I have another option for you.  The Value in this package is second to none.  Not Only do you get the entire TTM coarse BUT you also get quality training in Facebook and SEO.

What if you had ALL THREE strategies in one spot to add to your marketing arsenal…

Mastering just one of these strategies will turn your business and life around! Eventually mastering all 3 will change your lifestyle forever?…

This video shows you how…



But if Your Budget Dousn't Quite reach that far, one you probably need it more than you know and two, you know you need it more than you want your money PMLOL.  Anyway – I digress…..  Learn Everything you will need to know about Youtube Marketing – Youtube Ranking


Youtube Marketing – Youtube Ranking Facebook Syndication Group

Watch This video first and determine if you have the motivation to maintain your Youtube Marketing and a team mentality and share other marketers video's so in turn they will share yours.  The integrity of all the members existing and coming into the group is what will give this thing it's awesome power.

So to join the group go here and request membership.


Currently, there may be a dependency between the shares in the video and those on youtube, it may have to do with the age of the youtube account.  Newer ones have the share buttons as shown in the video, older ones have Redit, Linkedin and Pintrest as the last three share buttons instead of Bebo, Digg and Stumbleupon – either way we all need to share it 9 times for each video.  I will make investigations and post a video here and in the FB Group with my findings.

I hope you can see the power of what I have set up here.  The first 30 Members may have to go through some extra sharing efforts but for that they will get to the top of youtube rankings before the hoards arrive.  Worth every moment.


Youtube Marketing – Additional Backlinking Strategies To Get Youtube Ranking

OK for every video I post there are several steps I take to get things off to a flier.

Step 1

I ensure that the video has Annotations and Captions as taught in Tube Traffic Mojo.

Then I submit it to an RSS feed where your Youtube RSS is this

Step 2

I then Submit my Video to TribePro.  Watch Video To See The Importance.


See full Blog Post On ==> Social Bookmarking

Pick Up your copy of TribePro today.  ==> Go Here


Step 3

I run The Video Through Vagex, to get initial views – a couple of comments and some subscribes and likes.


Get Your Free Copy of Vagex Today ==> Here
Youtube Marketing

Step 4

Magic SubmitterI Set up a backlinking Campaign in Magic Submitter.  Now this tool alone will drive your video's up to the top of Youtube.  Many a marketer has used this to get top ranking video's.  I cannot stress how important this program is in your arsenal.  Whether you are a blogger, or a youtube marketer this tool is a must for youtube ranking.

See Full Blog Post on Magic Submitter To get my special bonus offer and training.

Watch Video for Full Rundown on how Important MS is for your youtube marketing and youtube ranking efforts.

Grab you Discounted Magic Submitter Trial here for Five Bucks.


Step 5

SocialAdrI Submit Links to SocialAdr – another powerful tool for getting social buzz to my videos.  You can have a free account with SocialAdr and I suggest you pick up your account today.  You can always upgrade your account to one of the lazy accounts at a later date.  Personally I run with the Lazy Link Addict as I have near 60 video's at this stage i am trying to rank.  I will upgrade to Lazy Linkaholic as the number of Youtube Videos increase.  I find this tool extremely effective to give my video's that extra push to the top.  Yes I tested it on an old video that was stagnant in the youtube ranking and yes it did move up once submitted.  Just Sayin.

Blog Post to come. Grab your Free copy HERE


Step 6

Seriously – Yep.  It takes forever to do all this stuff.  But it works.  Plus once its done your Video's are out there forever.  You dont have to do the work again, just reap the benefits.  True….

This step is for those people who own their own WordPress blog.





Loki Link BuilderAnd Loki Link Builder






Step 7

WP Tube TrackerNow this isn't to make your rankings increase but to track where your video's are ranked both in google and youtube.  I find this tool friggen awesome, because if you go for the unlimited account you can insert your video keyword and all the related keywords around it just to see where you can jiggle your description maybe and get some more traffic whilst your ranking your main keyword.  I love this tool.  This is only for people who own their own WordPress Blog.


BlogDefenderNow If you have a WordPress Blog – Then you should really check out Blog Defender Also, since I installed it I realized that I had at lease 5-10 attempts at hacking into my site a day.  I am so Lucky that I had a long password or I might have lost all the good work I had done in a heartbeat.  Protect Yourself Today.




Special Bonus For You.

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Looking Back at the post it turned into more like a friggen resources page than something on Youtube Marketing.  PMLOL but seriously I have disclosed what I do step by step to gain my Youtube Ranking.   Plain and simple.  I'm here to help YOU make it – Nothing would give me greater pleasure.  Connect with me on Skype if you would like or Visit my Personal Coaching Page if you want some serious guidance.


I look forward to Connecting with you and I will see you on the inside.


Drew signing off!!

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