Secrets On What Do I Blog About



What are the secrets On What Do I Blog About, all will be revealed below.

If you have ever struggled to come up with things to blog about, then after today you will have an endless blog topic ideas.

Content marketing is a powerful way to generate recurring traffic and new eyeballs on your offers, you are on the right track.


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Ideas For Blog Posts

To find blog topics, there are several ways you can do it.  But first you need to identify your target market, who are you trying to reach with your marketing content.

For example in the home business industry your online marketing efforts should be targeted towards struggling network marketers.

If you in real estate, you would be looking for home owners or property investors.  And so on.

Write content that they would be interested in and learn from.


Blog Article Ideas

So where do you find good blog idea's?  Industry leaders blogs are a good start.  Go look around find a topic, learn the skill, put your own personality and spin on it the teach it to the new up and coming marketers.  They will see you as an authority and start to follow your work.

You can also look in forums, at industry magazine headlines, youtube, you name it it's out there.

Your goal is to create your personal brand as an authority in your niche.  Always have your target market in mind.  Always practice attraction marketing.

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First Blog Post Ideas

Here is where you can get a little bit cunning.  Plan your keywords in advance, hit the most competitive first to get some content out there, make the content quality.  Here is why, with all of your following posts target the related keywords and link up to the top ones.  This creates a silo structure to you site which will boost the high competition post up over time as you create more content and authority to your site.

Pretty cool ha?

Here’s the thing I did not understand this or attraction marketing at the very beginning of my online career, and my results were limited to say the best.

I was basically just posting blatent sales pitches and expecting people to join and buy stuff.

I purchase tools to help rank these posts and video’s. I spent advertising money to promote it.

All the while I was getting further and further into debt as people just did not engage or buy.

I can laugh about that now – just.

It wasn't until late at night searching around the internet that I found the magic pill.

I then realized and understood that there is a specific strategic plan based around attraction marketing that I started to get results.

If your curious, this is where I learnt THE SECRET

Final Note – Don't be Boring


When you write, do it conversationally, include I, you, them, bring your followers on a journey, tell a story as you teach.  Facts Tell – Stories Sell.  In fact if you want a free training on how to tell stories to sell look right and click the banner.  Worth every second of your time.

Have fun creating your content and your followers will enjoy it with you.


I hope you got value from my training today, if so I would love to hear from you, comment below.


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