Using The Power Of Language To Sell Products And Impact People Around The World.

A guest post by Justin Temple

Searching on how you can use the power of your language to sell?

Good news…

I will be going over the key fundamentals of how to impact people and grow your business through words.



 1) Being Authentic


Look, if you are trying to get a message across to people, no matter what it is, you must be authentic.

People love to connect with “real people”.

Ever wonder why reality T.V. is so popular? It is because people feel like they can relate to others.

So when it comes down to selling a product, speaking life into people, or just connecting…

be real with people.

  • How can you be authentic?

You know…

In a world where society mocks and puts down people who are different, learning how to be authentic can be… scary.

Just be yourself!

If you are in business selling products you can not sell to every one. If you try to sell to every one, you sell to know one.

Appeal to the people who are similar to you or have a common vision. Let face it not everybody likes you.

It doesn't matter if you are gay, Asian, white, ugly, fat, old or young. You want to attract certain people and repeal other people.


 2) Vision

Have a clear intention on what you see yourself doing.

Do you want to use your language to sell a product or service? Or to help inspire people?

Understand your objective and develop your skill.

Know why Martin L. King was so successful with changing the world? Because he had a vision of his success and knew how to impact people.



 3)Your story

I said earlier that people like to relate with other people. This is the number one way that you can command the universe and speak life into people.

Sharing your story.

By sharing who you are and the struggles you have gone through you have the power to connect with a very large amount of people.

Almost every one is scared of telling people that they were homeless, or a drug addict or that they missed their first child growing up. The truth is, you have an obligation to share who you are with the world.

By not doing so, the people who are at where you were at can't be inspired to change. Uplifting people is what draws them into you. Support them, give them a reason to believe.

It is the same in sales.

Master your story…

Master your cash flow.


I have talked about how speak life into people. But what are some

techniques that you can use now to help people and sell?

Well here is one tip to use in video, email and marketing….

The military discovered that when giving commands the best executed commands are patters of 3.

For example if you are creating a call to action in marketing this is the way to do it.

“Click the link down below, enter your credit card information and decide right now to buy.”


You see?

This is how to command the subconscious.

I hope you got value out of “Using The Power Of Language”. Like, comment and share if you got value.


My partner Justin Temple wrote this article. Got to his public blog of more valuable content.


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