Twitter Bot – How to Utilize Twitter to Generate Leads


Twitter Bot Info – How To Generate Leads

Twitter BotLearn how to use a Twitter Bot info to capture hot targeted leads on complete auto pilot 24/7……..

This technique turned my online marketing career around. Once I was generating targeted quality leads on a constant basis using my twitter bot, the stress was relieved and I could focus on other strategies to increase the lead flow.


Twitter Bot – Basics – Lead Capture


The first basic required is to have a means of capturing your leads. This might seem like a no brainer – but you would be surprised at some of the things people miss these days.

There are two options – set up your own web page or blog along with an AWeber email auto-responder account, write a killer email series and have these emails start to trickle out over time passively building a relationship with your prospect.

Second option would be to utilize a generic sales funnel that points at your primary opportunity. I personally use MLSP. This system is simply awesome, not only has it got the most comprehensive training available, it has a fully customizable lead capture system integrated with your auto-responder(pre written emails) with killer giveaway's to entice prospects. As an added bonus, the system is a sales funnel for a series of training products and affiliate programs that will generate income for you even if your prospect is not interested in your primary program.


Twitter Bot – How it works.

Ok here's the nuts and bolts of the Twitter Bot


I use TweetAdder as my twitter bot this program will follow new users, un-follow non reciprocating users, tweet and send thank you tweets to new followers – all while your sleeping. Meaning your Twitter Bot Followers will see a steady flow of tweets promoting you and your lead capture system. Every time you get a new follower a personalized message will be sent on your behalf also promoting you.

This system generates me 5-10 leads per day on complete auto pilot.


Resources mentioned.



Tweet Adder – I went for Unlimited day one.  Save the hassle later on.

My private Proxy – Note in video – I said but shared proxies – but you do need private proxies.  I bought private proxies x 20 and got 2 additional ones as a bonus.


TWitter Bot Info – Tips and Tricks

Just a couple of notes. Use of Proxy Servers are required so that Twitter cannot see that you have multiple accounts running from one IP address. I made this mistake and had to redo a lot of the work. Ratios of following and followers with your twitter bot, need to be adhered to also(see below).

Ensure that the tweets for each account are different slightly, firstly because different things will appeal to different people and secondly it will not leave a footprint for twitter to find.

If you follow these rules your twitter bot will be undetected by twitter and can run 24/7 generating leads.


Settings For your Twitter Bot

First 3 days follow a maximum of 100-120 people a day just to get it off to a start.  After day 3 the un-follow non reciprocating users will kick in and you will start to cycle through users gaining followers as you go.  At this point set ratio's to that listed below:

Followers 0 – 300        ==> Follow users 2:1  Follow-back 2.1:1

Followers 300 – 500    ==> Follow users 1.75:1  Follow-back 1.76:1

Followers 500 – 750    ==> Follow users 1.5:1  Follow-back 1.51:1

Followers 750 – 1000  ==> Follow users 1.35:1  Follow-back 1.36:1

Followers 1000 +       ==> Follow users 1.2:1  Follow-back 1.21:1

In all cases Stop un-following at 1.1:1

Tweet every 20-60 minutes with a max of 35-55 per day (mix up the Maximum amounts).  No need to go too hard here or people will report you.  Twitter Bot Followers will see the tweets when they log in.


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It does NOT matter what compensation plan, company or product, it is extremely important that you learn how to generate leads. Leads, more appropriately known as people, are the life-blood of any business. If you lack the understanding of how to generate leads, you’re business will cost you dearly and ultimately fail becoming a waste of your time, hard earned money and even a smack to your self-esteem.

So how do we learn how to generate leads for your Online business?

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