Social Bookmarking on Steroids’ for your content syndication Requirements

Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking to get google friendly backlinks is becoming more and more fashionable these days to get your content syndication completed. Why?  It’s basically what sharing really is.  People recommending good content to each other….


So why is social bookmarking on steroids’?    Well your going to have to read on for that….

Social Bookmarking for content syndication.

Latest Google Panda and Penguin updates gave everyone a lesson that natural backlinking should be always the main focus. And what are more natural links, than social bookmarking links, like Facebook shares, Twitter shares and Google Plus shares?  The problem is that it’s hard to get backlinks yourself from these big social sites.

In other words, you want to share your content to as many sites as possible (like article directories, bookmarking sites, social sites, etc.) so that your content gets found by the sites users, AND it gets a link back to your site which will help it get ranked in Google so people will continue to find your site.

So, the whole point is to get TRAFFIC (because without traffic you would get ZERO sales) and we do that through content syndication. The BIG problem comes when we actually try to share our content to a level that will actually give us decent results.

You could literally spend ALL day sharing your content so that you get traffic and backlinks. Trust me, I’ve done it and it SUCKS!


Social Bookmarking – Use Tribepro for Content Syndication

That’s where the tribe comes in.  A tribe is a group of people working together to get traffic for each other.  If you do your social bookmarking for content syndication of others then they will do it for you.  To get traffic you need to share the love.

That is where TribePro comes in and it promises to save the day! Read on because I’m going to give you my complete Social Bookmarking review and show you an actual case study and reveal the startling results…



My Social Bookmarking video is a very quick overview of how TribePro is used for content syndication.  The way it's done promises to distribute your content to a massive network of social sites automatically without you lifting a finger after you finish setting it up.  It uses Onlywire to submit your content to other people’s social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Digg, Delicious, etc which gives your website some incredible exposure.


Social Bookmarking Using A Tribe for Content Syndication

TribePro follows the “tribe” concept to help its users get an unlimited amount of exposure through the service. So basically what happens when you join? You start auto syndicating other people’s content and asking them if they’ll return the favor.  You setup the auto-submit feature so all new blog posts, videos, etc. you create automatically go into TribePro.   In no time, you’ll have your content being shared across 500, 800, 1000+ social media accounts.

By doing that you’ll not only get traffic, but you’ll also get backlinks to help you get ranked in Google. The traffic you get from the social media sites is usually short lived, but the traffic you get from Google and the search engines is long term which is key to any successful website.

Social Bookmarking - TribeproSo in a nutshell Social Bookmarking is not that difficult.  I would suggest at minimum signing up for the free version of tribepro today by clicking the banner to the right.

My suggestion however to gain the automation aspect for your social bookmarking would be to upgrade to the plus version for $39 per month.  The additional traffic you will receive will pay for itself.

The Pro version allows you to set up your own tribe, incorporate your autoresponder and capture leads.  Knock yourself out.


There are some major shifts going on with how Google ranks content. It used to be that you’d be able to get any ole’ spammy link back to your site and you’re rankings would skyrocket.

Unfortunately, people have gamed the system and have forced crappy, useless content to the top of the search engines in an effort just to get sales. They use blog commenting on a massive scale, forum profiles and any other methods of getting backlinks that can be done through automated software.

So now the search engines are placing a more heavy emphasis on higher quality backlinks like links from social sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Why are they doing that?  Because an actual human being has to share that link. Social bookmarking sites tend to have some pretty heavy spam protections in place to protect their site from software applications that do things automatically.  Otherwise, the site will just become filled with spammers, and REAL people will stop using the site.

It only makes sense then that a link that is shared on Facebook or Google Plus should be given heavier weight then a spammy blog comment. The link shared on Facebook is done by a real, actual human being so in theory it should be a higher quality site.  Social bookmarking with Tribepro provides the “good links”  So Grab it NOW


 Social Bookmarking for Content Syndication – Special Bonus

My video above touches on the basics of how extremely powerful Tribepro is.  I have sourced a complete training video which outlines every aspect of  Social Bookmarking and I can give you access to it for free – today – if you do me a little favor.  For an in depth video training with two of the industry leaders….

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