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Secret To Securing A Simple – Fast Small Business Loan

Bank small business loan application

If you have been in business for any period of time you will know that “The Banks” have basically closed up shop as far as funding small business.

Don't get me wrong, they still lend to businesses, but they have made to process so difficult that most small business owners, just give up and go without.

There are other options however, cashflow based loans or short term business loans are a lot easier to get these days, the trouble is, few businesses know of their existence.



small business loan


Bank Business Loan Requirements


Obviously requirements to get business loans vary between banks, but the vibe is the same, they consider lending to businesses, high risk and make it near on impossible to get an unsecured loan.

Requirements For Bank Businesses Loans

Lets just bullet point many things you may be asked for.

  • Bank Statements
  • Merchant Account Statements
  • Business Tax Return
  • A Business Plan
  • Cashflow Projection Statement
  • Profit & Loss Statement

Now the first three are easily produced, but once they start asking for “Business Plans” opinion comes into play, the the lender, who has a negative mindset towards lending to businesses, can read whatever they want into it.  Even once all these documents are supplied quite often, loans are knocked back, just because….

Just my 2 cents worth, but i feel they just waste peoples time to get word out not to bother applying.

Why Are Small Business Loans Needed

I talk with many business owners both across the USA and the world.  One common theme, businesses find it hard to get funding when they need it to take an opportunity of chance.

For example, a restaurant owner has a small window of opportunity to secure the neighboring shop and  increase his floor space by double.  Doubling turnover.  Only Trouble is he would need to fit out and buy furniture.  If he only had 100K immediately.

An importer has the chance to purchase $200K worth of Stuff for $100K, One time discount.

Open New store

Buy in Equipment

Pay Taxes or Payroll

You name it, businesses need it.

My Question to You.

If you could inject 10 – 50 – 100 -200 – 500, ooo into your business, how would you utilize it to increase revenue?


Cashflow Based Small Business Loan

Because there is a desperate need for businesses to learn about these types of loans, I have aligned myself with David Allen Capital a brokerage firm that represents many lenders.  The lenders the represent love lending to businesses.

It is my hope that with my online presence and reach, I can help business owners and entrepreneur's get the money they need to expand and proper.  Feel free to reach out to me HERE


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How do cashflow small business loans work?

Loans are short term 3-24 Months. with micro daily repayments, which our clients love.  The cost of the loan is known up front.

How long does it take?

Approval in one day – Funding in less than a week.  ( For many loans this process can be much quicker)

How are repayments Made?

Daily micro payments are taken on business days as a direct debt.  Our clients love this feature, at the end of the month the payment is already made…..

What is the rate of the business loan?

That depends on your definition of “Rate”.  Rather than play with smoke and mirrors, we will tell you the total cost to you for the life of the loan.  In real Dollars.  Deal?

How Much can we get?

loans start at 10K and go up to 500K.  Generally loans are approved equivalent to your monthly turnover.


The requirements below are the only documents you will be required to produce.  All very fast and easy to obtain.

  • One Page Application
  • Bank Statements
  • Merchant Account Statements
  • Business Tax Return
  • Voided Check
  • Drivers Licence

Find more information or start an application HERE
small business loan


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