Secret To Achieving Immediate Results For Your Business

immediate success for your business

Have you ever asked yourself “What is the secret I'm missing to achieving immediate results in my online business?”

Are you sick to death of feeling as though your spinning your wheels and not moving forward?  Is your business not growing as fast as you want or not at all?

Today we will embark on a journey to help you start focusing your efforts into profit producing activities that work.

So lets get into it…


Is This You?

Does any of this relate to you?

  • You dislike the way you earn an income in the real world.
  • You resend the time you need to spend away from your family.
  • You look at you boss and realize it will take 8 more years to get there and the lifestyle they have is no better than yours.
  • Your struggling to pay the bills and need more income.
  • Basically you have reasons you needed to earn more money.
  • You decide to look online for a way to supplement or replace your income.
  • You watched a video or read an article promising the world.
  • You had a go at it and you didn't get the results you were promised.
  • Someone said “the moneys in the list” so you set up an autoresponder and can't get anyone to join it.
  • Someone said “Blogging is the way”  So you set up a blog and started to make some content.  But nobody visits it.
  • Someone Said “Video marketing is the wave of the future”  So you set up a youtube channel and make some video's.  That nobody watches……..
  • Then you start spending 100's or 1000's of $ on courses that all say something similar
  • You now are even more confused about how to make money online.
  • And you now have less money now than you started with.
  • You feel lost, confused and broken.

Shall I go on?

How do I know this?  That's basically my story and the story for so many marketers out there…..

Basically most people who embark in an online career end up confused and broke.

But for some, when the penny drops, everything they do seems to turn to gold.

So why do some people “get it” and some don't when they see the same information.

Who knows.  But in the video below I will endeavor to share with you how to start getting results online immediately in a way that will help you “GET IT”.


Immediate Results for your business

Resources Mentioned In Video

Auto Responder

I used and recommend Aweber.  Get FREE Trial HERE

The “Immediate Yes Formula”

I have this on my desk at all time so I can refer back to it and hone my skills.  Brilliant training.  Here is the free webinar I talked about in the video.  FREE WEBINAR

Personal Branding

launch your personal brand

I mention the Attraction Marketing Formula.  I have a copy of this on my desk at all times for reference.  It's covered in highlighter markings and notes…..  I believe it's a must have. Grab your copy HERE

Marketing System

I lead out with this Marketing System.  No matter what your primary business is, you need a system to lead out with because not everyone will join your primary business, BUT, everybody needs a marketing system.  You might as well earn whilst you are building your primary.  I have tried a few and settled down on EMP.  The “ignition training system”  you gain access to as a monthly member is brilliant.  Review EMP HERE

Note: I consider those who join me in EMP “On My Team” you will have personal access to me.  schedule 1 on 1 coaching sessions as required until you reach your goals.


In Summary

Basically everything that is suggested as good practice just takes time to gain traction.

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  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing (youTube)
  • Social Media
  • Personal Connections on Social media
  • Personal Branding
  • Attraction Marketing


But all of the above can be accelerated to start getting immediate results by driving traffic to your content. This can be done most effectively via Facebook Video Ad's, Twitter Video Ad's and the Use Of Mass Planner.

This all sounds like a lot of work, but really it's not.  With a little practice you can write a quality blog post in less than an hour.  Then record a youtube video to match, record a facebook/twitter teaser video, again with a little practice this can be recorded, edited and uploaded in less than an hour.  Then it's a matter of sharing the content you have just created.

Mass Planner can share those posts to 100's of facebook groups, tweet it to 1000's of followers, have it retweeted 100's of times. Post it to multiple pintrest and instigram accounts.  Add it to linkedin and share to multiple groups also.

For $10 a month and a one time free to free up more slots for multiple accounts, Mass planner will solve most of your traffic problems.

I urge you to reach out to me by liking my FB page below and messaging me.  I have become a bit of a Mass Planner junkie…. LOL.


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