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Attention All Network Marketers Struggling To Get Leads…

Have you ever just wanted someone to take you by the hand, show you what to do, and help you to actually get results you can measure? How about having someone to help you sift through the junk online and really hone in on the perfect marketing strategy for you? Then having a personal coach may be just what you need!


Hi my name is Andrew Twelftree, and I am one of the leaders in the largest attraction marketing system on the internet today, and I know the frustration that most people trying to use the internet are faced with each and every day online with their business.

Success for me did not come easy because I didn’t have a personal coach to walk me through and help me see what worked and what didn’t and that held me back for a long time.

There is so much information coming at you each and every day that it can get discouraging and down right frustrating to get anything done or even know what works and what doesn’t.


How do I know this?

Well I was just like you at one point, I wanted to build my business, but I just didn’t know what information to apply.

I was completely overloaded, and all I wanted was for someone to take me by the hand, help me get focused on what would work for me, and give the information I needed to move forward.

It’s so easy to get confused when there is product launch after product launch going on and you just want some answers on what to do and you buy course after course but you just don’t seem to get anywhere with your marketing…. Ever feel that way?

What if you could have somebody take you by the hand, help you sift through the mud and target the exact strategy that is perfect for you and then help you to start getting the results you seek?

What if you could cut your learning curve down by at least six months or more by simply getting a marketing coach to assist on what to do and where to go?

Look no further!

One of my passions is helping and working with people one on one. There is nothing I enjoy more than interacting with and helping people get results in their business.

Because of this I have put together a one on one coaching program that you can take advantage of and in turn leverage my knowledge and experience to help you get your business off the ground.

I am offering this coaching at an extremely low price to make it affordable. I can honestly say that I don’t know how long I will do this as my time has become extremely demanding and I may raise this price at anytime.

With personal coaching it is imperative that you come ready to learn, and be willing to take action on the information you gain. I have have coached people in the past that are always questioning me and griping about how they don’t want to do the things I teach them. The truth is, if this is you then my personal coaching program is NOT for you.

Here Are A Few Ways To See If Personal Coaching Is Right For You…

  • Willing to be the student and let the teacher teach you.
  • You are eager to learn new skills that will take your business to the next level
  • You are excited about adding more value to yourself and therefore becoming more valuable to the marketplace
  • You have resources to be able to invest in low cost tools that I recommend to you that will help you in your marketing efforts

If you can enthusiastically answer YES to the points above, I am excited to work with you.

I offer 2 packages currently at an hourly rate. You can purchase 1 hour at a time, or a block of time for a little bit of a cheaper rate. You can check out the packages below.


1 hour of personal coaching – $65

4 hours of personal coaching – $200 ($65.00 / hour)


Contact Me via form below.  Tell me what goals you are looking to achieve.  Be sure to press the TAB button after you enter the captcha – sometimes it hides the submit button.  Just Sayin…..


My goal is to actually help you begin to make a profit in your business, and to help you get to where you want to go.

I can’t guarantee your results as that will be largely up to you and your drive to apply what you learn, but I can guarantee that you will get the best of what I have from my knowledge and experience that allowed me to generate leads all using FREE marketing strategies.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level with some personal one on one time?


Lets rock it!

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