Network Marketing – How To Succeed In Today’s Online World

Network Marketing – How To Succeed In Today's World

Network Marketing


I guess by now everybody has heard of Network Marketing, most have an opinion on it.  Some believe it is the best way for the every day man to climb his way out of the slavery of a JOB.

Others will say it's a friggen pyramid scheme and will gladly give you a gob full of ridicule as they rot in their cubicle.  For these people a big phtphtpth……




Seriously though.  It is widely known the Network Marketing is a legitimate way of generating a long term residual income.  The Start cost is within reach of everybody.  You can choose who you work with, you can choose your own hours, you can work it part time or full time not many other things can claim this.  The immediate tax benefits are apparent and it is the only way most people will “escape slavery”.  Plain and simple.


Network Marketing – The Modern World

The world of Network Marketing has change a little, even though the traditional methods of contacting your warm market, people you know, will work.  Now I'm not going to get into the strategies on how to do that here, most companies have their “Spiel”.   But in essence, you are communicating with people, finding out if they are open to looking at an opportunity to improve their circumstances.  If they are then send them to an online resource or presentation and follow up.

The issue becomes, what happens when you run out of people you know to talk to about it.  This is where many people stumble.  They burn through the list before they have mastered the skills to effectively sponsor people and then they run out of people to present the opportunity to.  That is when their business grinds to a screaming halt.  Most people cannot overcome this problem in their MLM venture, loose momentum and ultimately loose faith and quit.

This video explains what I am trying to tell you.  It might be easier to listen than read – lol.


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With the internet these days also, people can look online and see many opportunities, very quickly.  One of these may be yours, but they may have glanced over it without understanding the benefit of joining your team.  You need to be able to attract people towards you and your opportunity and lead them once they get there.

The skill of attraction marketing is a must these days.  You see many people just spamming links all over the place, they might get lucky an sign a few but long term this technique isn't really duplicate-able, as there will be multiple people spamming the same places.



HERE IS THE Network Marketing FACT!!

It does NOT matter what compensation plan, company or product, it is extremely important that you learn how to generate leads. Leads, more appropriately known as people, are the life-blood of any business. If you lack the understanding of how to generate leads, you’re business will cost you dearly and ultimately fail becoming a waste of your time, hard earned money and even a smack to your self-esteem.

So how do we learn how to generate leads for your Online business?

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So in essence, to succeed in Network Marketing these days you need to be able to generate leads, and attract people towards you.

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