3 Day Momentum System
Fast Start Challenge

First of all welcome to the NEEW Community, we are a group of like minded people all striving for Freedom & Choices in our lives.  Helping both ourselves

& others to escape the voluntary slavery of “The System”

Work your way down the page. 

Embrace This Process and Change Your Life

Why  Do The 3 Day Fast Start Challenge?

Our goal with the 3 Day Challenge is to at minimum find two people that join your team, that will have you rank up to Agent.   Build with enough momentum to run through  to consultant in your first week which will enable you to earn to infinite depth moving forward.  

Your First 24 Hours - Man Yourself with Basic Skills

Your Sponsor & YOU – What Next?

Formulate Your Story With Your Sponsor.

The Message – Filling Your Funnel.

The Message – Invite to A Live Info Call

Idea's For Contacting Scripts HERE

We Strongly urge you to send 20-30 Messages to fill your funnel enough that you will likely overrun your initial goal of 2 people.  Ideally 5 or more wide in your initial burst would be perfect.

AUTOMATION - Book Info Call

Click here for the copy and paste step up file  HERE

Meeting times to insert listed as  High Speed Team - NEEW Opportunity Meeting 

The Follow Up - Part ONE - One Egg or Two

The Follow Up - Part TWO -  If I Would You?

(The Follow Up Questions at the bottom   HERE)

Closing – 3 Way Call with Your Upline.


Maleek - Amazing Results

Veronica - Biggest Team Ever,  Day ONE

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