Mindset Training From Jedi Master Yoda – Negativity Is The Path To The Dark Side

Mindset Coaching From Master Yoda – Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side


Mindset is a wonderful thing, think positive and the butter always seems to land up…. Think negative and you guessed it, butter side down, you draw negative things towards you and you will find yourself saying, man I've got rotten luck….. Which in turn attracts bad luck…. Viscous Circle – Get it.


OK story, I am a bit of a closet Star Wars fan whether it's your bag or not – the message that is given within the movie is truly uplifting.


Every body has heard of “The Force” you would have to live under a rock not to. The Good Side of the force i liken to Positive Thinking and The Dark Side as negative Thinking. Fear of Failure or Fear of Success holds many marketers back because they tend to leave something on the table, just in-case. Live to fight another day, where as the people who are will to go balls and all, no second prize, succeed or die or Go All In, these people will succeed through shear determination and drive.

You may ask why do you say fear is the cause Drew? What………………..

Now listen as Qui-Gon Jinn

OK Insight from Drew… “I want you to watch me and be mindful..” for us means latch onto your leader and ride on his coat tails.

“Always Remember Your Focus Determines Your Reality….. Stay close to me and you'll be safe” Just Speaks For it's self… Positive thinking creates positive results. Working as a team with like minded, positive, driven, focused entrepreneurs – Will see you succeed – but you will have to….. “Join The Team & Come Over To The Good Side Of The Force”

“When you learn to quiet your mind, you'll learn to hear them too…” Once you form a habit of positive thinking, your mind is a beautiful thing….. It will start telling you the “Will Of The Force” and your actions will Become Like A Sharp Reflex – Just Happen


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