Magic Submitter Review | How MS Works | How Magic Submitter Helps U Rank in Google

Magic Submitter Review | How Magic Submitter Helps U Rank in Google


Magic Submitter

I purchased Magic Submitter a couple of months back because I was told that it was a kick arse way of getting backlinks to your blog posts and video’s.  So I gave it a go.

Fast forward to now after going through all the trainings and using it now on a daily basis……

They were right it does kick ass.  But how?  Read on.


Magic Submitter – Why do we need Magic Submitter Review'd

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or online marketer, for you to sell anything, generate prospects or attract representatives you will need your content seen.  When I say content, it could be a video, a blog post, an article, a website or one of many other mediums available.  It is commonly known that Google is the number one search engine and Youtube ( owned by Google) is the second most used search engine.

For your stuff to get found you will need to help it rise up the rankings in both Google and Youtube.  On page optimisation aside, ranking is all down to backlinks, but not just any backlinks.  Your links will need to come from a variety of locations, from many different types of  media and from varied profiles.


Magic Submitter – What Will It Do?

Here is the nuts.  Magic Submitter posts to a variety of different blogs, article directories, bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, forums, Wiki’s, micro blog’s(ie twitter), pdf sharing sites, video sites, profile sites and link directories just to name a few.

The Magic Submitter Campaign mode is where this program exceeds all expectations.  Once you have spent a little time to set up a campaign, magic submitter will backlink you main post and video on auto pilot, automatically ping your links and then back link your backlinks.  Watch the video for a quick rundown.






Now as you can see, MS is a one stop shop for all your backlinking needs.  The more I use it the more I love it.  I am now moving all my video’s and blog posts up the rankings and the traffic is increasing with it.  The leads generated from the additional traffic, is exciting.  There is room enough for everybody because there is a record amount of people entering the online marketing world due to the economic climate.

The learning process to become familiar with Magic Submitter is not that long.  The training video’s within the system are extremely comprehensive and plentiful.


Magic Submitter Special Offer

Here is my special offer to you.  If you are ready to purchase Magic Submitter and you do so from this link or the banner.  Once you have gone through a couple of the training video’s to get a bit of a feel of the system.  I will schedule a 30 minute skype call to personally coach you on how you can use MS to promote your content.

Get Magic Submitter through my discount link Here.  ($5 for the first month)

However, to get your personal coaching session, I have a couple of conditions.

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Special Bonus #2

Look this is just a snippet of training on how to have magic submitter unlock your business.  There are many other forms of lead generation, one of the most immediate is facebook. See post

If you haven't seen a system like that in action, Click Here.  There is some complimentary facebook training in it for you.


Try this Online Quiz – See if you will be successful!

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It does NOT matter what compensation plan, company or product, it is extremely important that you learn how to generate leads. Leads, more appropriately known as people, are the life-blood of any business. If you lack the understanding of how to generate leads, you’re business will cost you dearly and ultimately fail becoming a waste of your time, hard earned money and even a smack to your self-esteem.

So how do we learn how to generate leads for your Online business?

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