Are You Living The Lifestyle Or Just Existing?

Are You Living The Lifestyle Or Just Existing?


Very short post today, I was just looking back at the trip I took yesterday and realized that I am now living a lifestyle of my design rather than just existing like I was when I had a job.

Let me explain.




Not to long ago, I was working in a job as an engineer, I sat back one day and realised I was just existing.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy that I mean, I would wake up to a screaming alarm at 5:30am in the morning have a quick shower jump into my work clothes and drive to work for an hour to arrive at 7:00am to a dusty site to spend the entire day sitting in a metal temporary office building – dealing with no end of catastrophes. The paperwork involved was overwhelming most of the time and I would have to work back every day to get it completed, because if i didn't, the following day I would just get further behind and it would turn into a never ending vicious cycle. So I would leave work at somewhere between 6-6:30pm every day to get home at 7-7:30pm. I would then have something to eat and fall asleep in the couch watching the news or something only to crawl to bed at some point to be woken up at 5:30am by a screaming alarm.

This happened 5 to 6 days a week. How friggen sad was that……..

No time for me, my family, my dreams, my passions or any thing.


BUT on this Tuesday let me show you what I did instead of “The Above”


IMG_0571I met some friends and caught a motocab down to the beach where we all jumped on board a charter boat. Picnic food and beer intact. We traveled to the southern end of Cebu 30 minutes away to swim with the whale sharks, but unfortunately all the moorings were taken but we did witness a sea turtle swim past…

So we traveled 5 minutes west to Sumilon Island.

IMG_0572We spent most of the day there, now for the second option this was simply stunning. We spent the day fishing, catching all sorts of exotic fish. Snorkeling over the coral where we watched basically, the cast of “Finding Nemo”.

Mixed in with a couple of quiet beers and some entertaining conversations to put it eloquently. Cooked up a BBQ with the fish we caught and ate like royalty for the day.

IMG_0578Now I'm not sure about you, but if that totally cool looking dude in the black singlet hasn't got a grin from ear to ear – I can't define what happiness is. This photo was taken whilst traveling back to port late in the afternoon

Oh, did I forget to mention that we caught some fish.




That parrot fish was simply delicious when cooked on the BBQ.

SO the moral of the story, I guess, is that what the normal Tuesday would have been – compared to the Tuesday I had are worlds apart.




I could only have done this “BECAUSE” I made some life choices and decided that I deserve to be happy too. I climbed out of the couch and did something about my life situation.


Here's the thing – You can too.


So if you “Don't like Mondays” don't shoot the whole day down – Haha. Instead of oozing into the couch when you get home, take some action to change your situation. Click banner below, enter your details, watch the video then join. Simple as that. We can connect and form your game plan after….. 🙂

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I look forward to Connecting with you and I will see you on the inside.


Drew signing off!!

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