Less Complicated Contacting Script For Your Networking Business

Phone Contacting Script

Have you ever found it difficult to find the right contacting script when trying to recruit for your business?

Well today I will give you the only contacting script you will need.

But the words just by themselves will not magically make you into a recruiting machine.  They will need to be delivered a certain way.

Your belief and posture will either inspire or repel people to follow you.

Read on.


What Is The Secret To Networking Success?

To succeed in networking, you need several things in place.

Get Your Head Right

First and foremost you need to believe that you can.  Then form a vision of yourself in the future as the successful leader you want to be.  To be a top earner – think big, see way past your current circumstances to focus on where you want to be.  Such focus will make the little frustrations, disappointments and rejection pale into insignificance.

Constantly push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  That's were growth happens.

Mindset is THE MOST important component.  If you don't see yourself on the stage receiving the big check and believe in yourself and your program with unshakable  stubbornness.  Then the first hurdle will bring you down.

I will go into MINDSET more and more as time goes by.

Set and Totally Commit To Goals

To win, you will need to set goals and then form an unshakable commitment to reach it.  Do not be denied.  With an attitude like that you will become magnetic and inspire people to follow you.  People follow those that know where they are going.

Master Your Thinking

You need to remove negative thoughts – obliterate the little man in your head.  Keep your emotions under control, not everyone will join, understand it and get over it.

Manage your discouragement, you cant help feeling discouraged for example you thought you had a leader up and running then suddenly they vanish.  Yes be disappointed, but get over it fast and get to finding your next leader.

Never be desperate to sign someone up.  If you convince somebody to join, they won't do anything anyway and will eventually quit.  Save yourself the heart ache.

Master Your Time

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.  Prioritize Money Making Activities.

Attack the “Big Things” first. you know “the marble that blocks the funnel.”

Create valuable content that will continue to work for you, a blog post, video, social media post.  Email your list.  Then prospect and talk to leads.

He who creates the most content and talks to the most people….  Wins.

Just Never Quit


It is impossible to beat someone who will never give up.   Be relentless in the pursuit of your Freedom.

Remember disappointment is only temporary and that you may need to make a few sacrifices now to live the life of your dreams for years to come.

Your Freedom is worth every ounce of energy to get it.


The Only Contacting Script You Will Need.

First make sure that you have built rapport with the person you want to prospect.

Then simply ask “Are You Open?” or “Are you Open To Looking?” or ” Are You Open To Looking at good opportunities?”  or

“Are You Open To Looking At a Side Project If It Doesn't Effect What You Are Already Doing?”

(This takes out the “I don't have the time” objection.)

For Warm market prospects i love this one.

“If I was onto something would you want me to tell you about it?”

(Peaks curiosity)

Watch and enjoy.

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