Keyword Tool – Killer Keywords In No Time – Keyword Tool Review

Keyword Tool – Killer Keywords In No Time – Keyword Tool Review



Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool for doing your keyword research is great but the google keyword tool can be slow and cumbersome.  Stop wasting time doing your research and start spending it doing something that will expand your business, get your keyword tool research done faster and more efficiently.








Keyword Tool – The importance of keyword research is absolutely critical in online marketing and lead generation.  There is a balance between number of searches and competition that will enable you to rank your video, blog post or article and convert traffic to leads.


Base Keyword Tool Searches.     


Now firstly I will state before anyone makes this mistake, if you are using the Google Free Keyword Tool, DO NOT have the broad match box ticked, you want to see the exact match results when using the Keyword Tool.


If you run with the broad match results you will get trapped into thinking you are getting a whole lot more searches a month than you actually are.  This could lead to immense amounts of work being done for a keyword that is really in fact a complete waste of time.  Not going to say much more on that except don’t do it.


Base keyword tool results, I will use the Keyword Amway as an example.


The exact match monthly search results are:

“Amway”                              – 1220000   Competition = Extremely High

“Amway Online”                  – 1600         Competition = Extremely Low

“Amway Scam”                    – 6600         Competition = Moderate

“About Amway”                   – 160           Competition = Extremely Low

“Amway Leads”                   –  22            Competition = Extremely Low


Now to rank for “Amway”  Itself would be a 6 month solid effort and then even then you would struggle to do it.  But if you attempted to rank for any of the others you would be able to do it reasonably quickly and easily.  See my post on Youtube Marketing


So to start generating leads immediately shoot for the low hanging fruit first then go for the bigger keywords along the way.

Surrounding Keyword Tool Searches


To find the low hanging fruit with the Google Keyword tool is a long winded process, and I have embedded a video at the bottom for instruction on how to use this keyword tool because it is free.  However, I do not use the free google keyword tool at all these days.  I have found a keyword tool that shaves hours from my keyword research time.  This program not only finds the exact match search results on a server side program, by this I mean all the grunt work is done “not” on your computer.  This is critical as so many programs are designed to do this slowing your computer to a crawl.


This keyword tool also supplies synonyms and related searches, gives you the ability to add additional keyword ideas from a list and then is analyses the competition for you.  It then supplies a rating which in effect is the competition vs searches ratio.  This quickly identifies the keyword toll results that are ripe for the taking.


Keyword Tool – Best Tool to Find Those Killer Keywords


This Keyword Tool does great for company reviews but it really comes into its own when you are searching for the alternative targeted keyword tool results.  This will help you find many keywords that are ready for you to take.


So if you are looking for a keyword tool that can not only save you time with less stress and more results then this is your baby.  I have many videos and blog posts ranking for keywords that I found by accident using this tool.  The traffic to both my video’s and also blog are mind blowing,  It may cost a little in the beginning but for any serious online marketer it is just an absolute have.  There is an affiliate program attached to it also, so refer some of your team to it and it will become an extra income stream or at least a free tool.  You choose.  Watch the video below.


Enter Video Here.

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