Is Self Proclamation The Best Small Business Marketing Tactic? Probably Not.

When running a business, the “Buy In” of your customers and employee's, will make a huge difference in your success.

Now when I say “Buy-In” I don't mean that they pay money to you, but whether they believe in what you believe.

Can they see your vision of where your company is going and how your company and your products or services are going to make a difference.

Watch the video below


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Below is the video from Simon I talk about above, well worth a watch.

The lessons he teaches on human nature and business will go with you through time and serve you well.

small business loan

I know it's a short post today but to try and explain in words what is said in the video's would only dilute the message.

I hope you gained some value out of todays post.

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I hope you got value from my training today.

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