I dont know anyone objection

How to Overcome The I Don’t Know Anybody Objection


I dont know anyone objection

How to Overcome The I Don't Know Anybody Objection is a fairly easy objection to over come.

Once you learn a few basic skills and understand why your prospect is saying this.

If you want to become a master sponsorer with confidence and poise then most definitely read on.

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The – I Don't Know Anybody Objection

Generally there are two reasons this objection arises.  Either they are a hermit and never leave the house and they don't believe they know enough people.  Or they don't believe in the business opportunity enough to contact the people they do know.

Look at their facebook page.  You'll find the answer.

Help them understand that you can build it with people you don't know as well.


Handle Any Objection With Ease

Here is a little secret, after making this video I
came across a training video that changed everything.

I rarely get any objections these days.

I highly recommend learning this skill.

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