How to Recruit More People Without Sounding Pitchy



Have you ever been pitched a home business by somebody? Do you get defensive and annoyed?  Do they sound desperate?

Do You?

Today I will teach you how not to be pitchy, whilst attracting more people to join your business without objection.

Once you grasp the concept, you recruiting efforts will very quickly begin to become more enjoyable and definitely more profitable.

Let's watch the video and then we will discuss further.


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Secret to Not Sounding Pitchy

By pitchy I mean the person who second sentence in is hinting and obviously steering the conversation towards watching a presentation or joining their business.  It's so obvious right?  It is so easy when your building momentum in your business to do it, without even realizing.  I suggest taking a moment to consider what you say or type before hitting enter.

So How Do You Communicate Without The Sales Pitch?

Have a mindset of servitude.  Be genuine and actually try to help people.

To be able to help them, you fist need to know what the problem is that they are trying to solve.  In other words, why are they marketing online?  But here's the kicker, you can't tell them that the program they are promoting is “no Good” and expect them to convert.

Just talk, make a friend.  People only buy or join you if they know like and trust you.

Try the F>O>R>M

Family – Ask them about family and be genuine.

Occupation – What do you do for a living, “they must pay you well”  or “i bet you enjoy doing that?” wait for them to complain and then fan the flame.  Find their hot buttons

Recreation – So what do you do to wind down?  Where do you travel? >> Dream Build.

Motivation – What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?  Travel, Cars, Possessions, Lifestyle, Time, Freedom……


“Have you got a plan to change that?”

If not.

“I might have something that could help you get out of “their problem” and enable you to enjoy more ‘Their Dream”, would you consider it worth your time to review some information and see if it's a fit for you?

How can they say no to that?  They can't, because you have spent the time to get to know them.

Send the information and book a time to follow up with them.  I personally love asking can you watch it right now and call them back as the video is finishing.  Works brilliantly.  Especially if you have an upline ready to jump on a 3 way call.

I did a post recently that expands more on the invite – close process.  See below.

How To Invite and Close Prospects Into Your Business


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