How To Prospect on Facebook And Get Results

How To Prospect on Facebook And Get Results

How To Prospect on Facebook And Get Results

Have you been struggling with facebook recruiting for your business?

Well today I will give you some insight on how to do it effectively.

How we conduct ourselves, what we say and how you position yourself in the market will make a huge difference to your success online.

I hope you get value from today's training, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

In the video below I will provide a solution to not only say the right things, but not get to far off track when building relationships and prospecting online.

NOTE: Notice I said “Building relationships” it's all about building a rapport with people and finding a way to help them. Sooner or later they will ask you what you do. Then and only then can you invite them to review your opportunity. There is nothing worse and more off putting than somebody who says Hi and then proceeds to pitch you on the first or second message. DON”T be that person. Provide value and help.

Resources Mentioned in the video

MLM Recruit On Demand  A lead generation system with some really cool tools.  100 free leads also.

Mass Planner  Manage facebook, google+, twitter, linkedin, instagram and pinterest all from one system.  Brilliant.
Reach out Message that works
Hello NAME, I just noticed you were a new member of the GROUP NAME community. So I just wanted to welcome you. You've made a good choice.

If you are a cool and friendly marketer, who enjoys networking with other cool and friendly marketers, send me a friend request and lets chat sometime.
If you reach out to 20-40 people a day as above, you friend requests and messages will light up, you will have plenty of people to talk to.

Your strategy once you start a conversation is not to “get them” it should be to “help them” in some way, make a friend. Because here's the truth, people will not join an opportunity, they join you. People will not buy or follow someone they don't know like and trust.

If you spend the time to get to know someone, you will be 100 miles in front of most other marketers online. It will set you apart.

When asked “what do you do?” as I said in the video, don't vomit on them, be a little mysterious, build the curiosity with your prospect(friend). Send them to a third party tool preferably a video (people are lazy to read) then follow up and get them on a three way call with an upline so they can answer the questions for you.

This is extremely powerful. Not only do you get third party validation and social proof, in they eye's of your prospect ==> you made a friend, sent a video then had someone else answer the questions for you. It sets your upline up to ask the question, “What did MARY do to invite you?” (Not Much….) Could you see yourself doing that? (Yes…) Well lets get started… (OK…)

Jobs Done


Just on a side note I wrote a piece on “What it Will Take To Succeed In Networking” in a previous post that I really believe you will get value from. Check it out. What Is The Secret To Networking Success?

Prospecting on social media is a good way to get your business off the ground, but it is not scalable, you are limited by the time you can do it.  Eventually you will need to start using some for of attraction marketing by creating some form of content.  This may be in the form of social media posts, blog posts, video's, tweets…..  and then getting traffic to that content.  I actually did a webinar on how to get immediate results with your business….  Check it out.. “Immediate Results”

If you would like some help with your marketing or strategy then get in contact.

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I hope you got value from my training today.

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