How To Get Referrals From People Who Say NO


Have you ever run out of people to talk to whilst building you business?

Today I will teach you how to tap into a way underutilized resource in the home business industry.  Asking for a referral.

A referral is way easier to call than just cold calling prospects out of the phone book.

There is an art to getting referrals from prospects, let's watch the video and then we will discuss further.


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Secret to Getting Referrals

First of all be the kind of person who deserves a referral.  By that I mean act professionally, treat your business like a business not a hobby.

What Generally Happens When People Say NO

One of two things generally happen once someone has told you that your business is not a fit for them.  Many marketers go on a convincing spree, “But” this is the greatest program on earth, the most lucrative compensation plan, it's in pre launch, the timings perfect, lock in your spot before it's too late……..

All you are doing really is pissing off the prospect that just said no and tarnishing the industry.

The second thing is people just take the loss, take it to heart and get depressed about it.

How To Create Something From Nothing

OK, instead of “the above”  try this.


Once you prospect says no.  Say, that's totally cool, understand fully.  But can I ask you a question?

I understand it's not a fit for you, but can you think of anybody you know that may be open to making more money, if I could show them step by step how to do it…?

By saying, “Think”  instantly puts them into thought mode.  If you have conducted yourself professionally with posture, you have a good likelihood of getting 2-3 referrals.

Once you get their details thank your prospect.  Then call the referrals.

Hi “referral name” I'm not sure if we know each other but I expect that you know “referrer”.  I was talking with him today and he suggested I give you a call.  I am working on a project in your area and “referrer” said that you always keep your options open?  (Wait for response)  Just curious, why do you keep your options open?  Is there something your not happy with?  Then search around for a reason without making it to obvious.  If they ask is this an interview, say yes, then ask another question……

So “referral” if I could show you step by step how you could make “their reason” happen.  Would you make 30 minutes to review some information.  Great……..  Send them the info and book a time to follow up.  The best way to do it, would be for them to watch it immediately and ring them back as the video finishes.

Note, if the prospect can't find time fairly quickly, then you probably didn't find their reason as they have no real urgency to watch it.  They see it as homework and not a solution to their problems.  Just saying.

Follow up at the scheduled time and use a 3 way call if possible.  The below post expands on the process.

How To Invite and Close Prospects Into Your Business


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