How To Effectively Contact Your Warm Market When Prospecting

Phone Contacting Script

Have you been too nervous or not know what to say to people you know when recruiting for your business?

Well today I will give you some insight on how to do it effectively.

In networking we are either punished or rewarded for our actions prior to starting a networking business.

In the video below I will explain.

So Lets watch the video then we'll discuss it further.


Just on a side note I wrote a piece on “What it Will Take To Succeed In Networking” in a previous post that I really believe you will get value from. Check it out. What Is The Secret To Networking Success?

Here's the thing, you already know your “Warm Market” so they are likely not to be defensive unless you have previously been too pushy with a different company.  Don't be like that.  Ask if they are open, if so forward a 3rd party tool (Video or Website) follow up with intent to have a 3 way conversation with your upline.  If there is no interest, drop it, never mention it again.  They will be watching, when you start to get results they will notice and approach you.  Maybe.

Immediate Results

In essence, don't burn your bridges,  conduct yourself with professionalism.  Be a role model for the industry.

But it all comes down to a numbers game, never get hung up on whether someone joins or not.  Always have enough people in your pipe line.

If your desperate to sign someone it will show.

Prospecting on social media is a good way to get your business off the ground, but it is not scalable, you are limited by the time you can do it.  Eventually you will need to start using some for of attraction marketing by creating some form of content.  This may be in the form of social media posts, blog posts, video's, tweets…..  and then getting traffic to that content.  I actually did a webinar on how to get immediate results with your business….  Just look over to the right and click on the “Immediate Results” banner then follow your nose.

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