How to be Productive – How The Hell Do You Get Anything Done.

How to be Productive – How The Hell Do You Get Anything Done.


How to be Productive

I was sitting at my screen today and realized that in the previous Two Hours, I had achieved absolutely nothing towards my daily goals.  I crossed my arms leaned back in my chair and thought to myself “Well I'm not getting that time back”…….

I could have had some me time or spent time with the family.   Might as well have patted the lizard………

Now for those sick of mind, pat the lizard is not “code” for anything.

I am on working holiday in the Philippines, and I have 3 lizards that run around the walls inside eating bugs.  They are a bit flighty so I haven't been able to pat one yet, but were slowly making friends.

See there you go again, off on another tangent.

See how easy it is to get distracted.

My Point exactly.

So after completely wasting two hours – what did I come up with.



How to be Productive – Part 1 – Remove Distractions

Remove all or as many of the distractions possible. Now there are two parts to this – on screen and off screen.


How to be Productive – Off Screen Distractions

– Radio                                        – Turn it off

– TV                                              – Are you serious?  Turn it off – pull plug out and cut it in half.

– Kids                                           – Lock in basement.  Or at least stick them in front of a movie.

– Too Hot or Too Cold          –  Make sure room temperature is comfortable (if possible)

– Phone/Ipad                           – Switch it off, they will call back or  Leave off the hook

– Noise                                        – Shut the door.


How to be Productive – On Screen Distractions

– Facebook                                – Close it

– Social Media                          – In fact – close all – twitter, linkedin, pintrest……..All

– Emails                                       – Emails don't magically disappear if you don't check them every 2 mins.  Close.

– Get the point?                        – Close anything that is not pertaining to the task at hand.

– Training Webinars               – Once you have completed days list – then watch. Unless It's mine – lol.


How to be Productive – Part 2 – Preparation.

Now in this section, I am talking about getting personally ready for your productive session.  Make sure you are not hungry, thirsty, smelly, sweatty (it's hot here OK).  The reason is that it is too easy to think to yourself “I'll just get………… Before I start.”  Another hour passes by.  Stop procrastinating…….


How to be Productive – Part 3 – Planning.

This has many components but many of these are a once off task.  Once these initial goals are set then your efforts will be more focused.  So I will run through the required items in my view of order of importance.


Define Your Dream.

How to Be Productive 2This is the number one component of success in anything.  If you have nothing to aim at, how are you going to hit it.  If you are not chasing a goal, you are running in circles.  I could spin off another 20 sayings – but you get the point.

Now by defining your dream, you need to get specific.  Determine where you are – what position you are currently in.  Determine where you want to be – what position you want to be in.   Income, location, residence, travel, health……  Write down how you would feel if you reached your goals, ie told the boss to stick it – whatever.

Determine what to this point has been stopping you from reaching your goals.  Many reasons are – being complacent in JOB, fear, indecision, ignorance, lack of ambition, lack of support, poor mindset, lack of knowledge……..

Determine within yourself if these dreams are just that – dreams.  Or are you willing to put a date on them – make them goals and do whatever it takes to make it happen.   ARE YOU SERIOUS?????  Basically.


Choose Your Weapon.

Now by this I mean, determine you vehicle or business model.  Not all are created equal.   Many people turn to Network Marketing, as this is a way for the every day man to start with minimal cost and have the opportunity to build an income to reach your goals.  Most people do not have the time, money or knowledge to start nor succeed in the traditional world.

I will make an assumption – If you are reading this post, you are either and existing Internet/Network Marketer.  Or you work a JOB(Just Over Broke) and you are surfing around the net on the bosses time searching for a way to get what you need to get done faster so you can get the hell out of there.  Either way, some will understand some will not that Network Marketing “IS” the shortcut.  There is no shortcut to the shortcut – lol.

If you have your program you wish to build that is fantastic, build it.  I have found that diversifying incomes is a great way to accelerate your income – plus secure it in case something happens.  I have found that many of the programs I have added to my arsenal work hand in hand with each other, whilst helping generate leads and traffic as well.  If you are lacking a vehicle to get you where you want to go, contact me and we can discuss options.


 Set Your Goals.

This is a fun time.  You have your “Dream Defined”  Now that you have your program either one or all of the above, or an existing program you are looking to promote.  By studying the compensation plan you will be able to determine how many people you will need to sponsor to reach your dream.

Break it down, once you start you will determine your ratio.  By ratio I mean how many people you contact, turns into X amounts of conversions into sales or reps.  Times that by the number you require to reach your dream.  Determine your time commitment available and set an achievable number of contacts to make each day.  Expand that out to a date –> then you have a goal to reach your dream.  Clear as mud.  But go back through if it sounded like garble.

In essence.   Dream – $ needed for dream – people needed for $ – contacts required to get people once ratio is determined.

Goal Days ==> Contacts Required/Contacts per day.


Get to …@#$@&^%…  Work – Determine Your Marketing Strategy.

This is where you work out your online marketing strategy.



If you are new to online marketing I suggest that you start with Facebook.  Facebook has a billion users from all walks of life.  This resource is crucial to online success.

Just about every successful online marketer or network marketer uses a generic sales funnel to capture leads and point them to your primary opportunity.  I will take you on a journey right now – to market on Facebook you will need a personal fan page (see post on how to do it here).  This link is an example of a lead capture system available through just such a sales funnel.  But as a bonus you get an 86 minute comprehensive training session on Facebook marketing from one of the experts in the field.  If you are suitably impressed with how it works.  Maybe you should adopt this system also.  Begin Journey Now Get Free Facebook Training – Enjoy.



Not going to talk to much about this because I have a complete post about it HERE!



Youtube can be used for both branding your self.  My Home Channel

or it can be used for lead generation.  Money Channel (one of many)

Check them out and remember to subscribe – contact me direct if you wish to look at video marketing, it's a whole other world.



Once you have a blog post out there – it's out there forever.  Plain and simple.  There are tactics to rank in the search engines but you can learn that as you go.  Hell you can get traffic by sharing viral video's.  Extremely important.


Countless other methods

There are countless other methods like solo adds, linkedin, article marketing, pay per view, pay per click, click exchanges.   But I suggest, starting with facebook and blogging then twitter then youtube.  Master one at a time then move on.


How to be Productive – Part 4 – Execution.

I suggest this – Pick your strategies.  Write out a routine to execute daily, then just simply do it!  Sounds easy hey, it can be if you get organized, avoid the shiny objects and turn everything off until each task is done.  Your routine is entirely determined by how much time you can dedicate to your dreams…..  But you make time for the things you want to do.

I will give you a very quick overview of my routine.  Note I am full time so if your part time you may have to compromise.  If you wish to tap into my experience, fill in contact form at the top and I will book a time to form your game plan with one free coaching session.


1. In morning, start  a training audio or webinar and watch to get motivated.

2. Whilst watching/Listening to that, I remove spam from Facebook(personal,fan and group), post a quote, add 30 friends, catch up on messages and chat with whoever is online to build relationships.

3. I quickly check emails, not to review all the promotions and one time offers, but to check for new leads to call and questions to answer.

4. Call leads, this will be determined by the time zone they are in.

5. Switch everything off, do a blog post.  Now some are more involved than others, you will want to rank for certain posts so you will need to spend a bit of extra time on these, but I suggest have a few little training and how to posts planned so if you run short of time you can just knock one of those out then continue working on the big ones.

6. Keyword research, I have a kick ass system I use – it saves so much time it's not funny.  Saves stuffing around with the free google keyword tool.  Once I find some killer keywords I make note of them and form blog posts to suit.

7. Video, I strive to upload a video a day, but sometimes this is a process.  I sometimes cut 10 in a day to get on a roll, next day edit some, next day upload 3……  I batch a lot(group tasks together – more time effective).  On average however I get one up every day.  Video's last forever also, this is a powerful marketing system.

8. SEO, every time I post a blog post or a video that I want to rank, there is a process I follow to do it.  I run a spreadsheet to manage this process.  The be all and end all program you will need for all SEO is Magic Submitter coupled with The Best Spinner.  Any other programs just do bits and pieces of what they can do.  Trust me, I've tried most of them.  Contact me if you would like some assistance with this.

9.Feel excited that I have done what it takes to realize my dreams.

Now in amongst all that, I do take 10 minutes here and there to recharge the batteries.  It's not all just work work work.  But once you master time management you will be surprised how much you can achieve.  For example Steps 1-3 take about an hour. Step 5 can take 10 minutes or 4 hours, depending on the post.  Step 6, ten minutes. Steps 7-8 Once you get your system down, this can be done, whilst watching another webinar.  Calling leads does take some time, but if you build a relationship with the person, generally they stick with you through thick and thin.  Most people don't call leads, that sets me apart, people join me instead of others because of it.  Don't be lazy……  Especially if you are on my team – LOL.

Drew signing off!!

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