How Best To Deal With Skeptics and Skepticism

How Best To Deal With Skeptics and Skepticism

How Best To Deal With Skeptics and Skepticism 1

During the journey of building your home business you will come up against skepticism. Today we will give you some tools on how to deal with skeptics.

A lot of skepticism arises from belief's on how money is made.

People are brought up with education from their parents and school teachers, people who may have limiting beliefs about money.

It's our job as entrepreneurs to educate them where possible.

Lets watch the video then discuss further.



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How Money is Made


Traditionally people are brought up hearing these limiting beliefs

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  • Study hard get a good job
  • Money doesn't grow on tree's
  • It's too expensive
  • We can't afford that
  • Those things don't work


And the list goes on.  As I mentioned in the video, to earn more money, rather than trading hours for dollars in a job, you can go for a performance based opportunity.

Real Estate agents for example bring business to the table and get well paid for doing so, but, they get paid once.  Home business works similar, you get paid for bringing business to the table, but, when those people continue to use the service or buy the products, you get paid a residual income.  More business, more money.  Simple.

Rather than preaching to the converted, it's our job as home business owners to educate the masses.

How To Educate Skeptical People

Sometimes their limiting belief's are so entrenched that it will be impossible to do so, in such a case, simply move on the the next person.

Some people may be in a situation that they are looking for something to get out of their current circumstances.  Learn what they want, what drives them, their hot buttons, then simply present your opportunity as a solution to their problems.  In fact that is how you should approach every prospect, not just the skeptical ones.

One you have talked to people about your opportunity, know that even though you may not be aware of it, they are watching.  They are waiting for the opportunity to say “I told you” or “See”.  Your job is to keep going until you create success, push through the tough times, improve yourself and your skills and make it happen.  Once you start to show you new found freedom lifestyle, some may come back and approach you.

So my best advice to you, become a better you.  Improve your attitude, skills and outlook on life.  People will be drawn to you and your business will grow.  Prove the nay sayer's wrong, get a bullet proof belief in yourself and your opportunity.  Only good things can come of it.

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