Best Way To Personally Connect And Talk With Facebook Prospects

Best Way To Personally Connect And Communicate With Facebook Prospects

How to personally connect and communicate or talk with your prospects from social media is an art form.

Today, I will give you some insight on the best way to do so.

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First you need to understand that you prospect will always be of the mindset of “What's in it for me”.

Second, now that you know this you need to revise your prospecting strategy to determine what your prospect wants or what problems in their life they need to fix.

This shift in mindset from “How can I get someone” to “How can I help someone” will set you apart from the rest.

What's the saying?  “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Anyway, watch the video, I may let out a couple of nuggets.

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Once you know what they want then you can present your opportunity as a solution.

See the Post I wrote yesterday on Branding and Content Creation. HERE

How to Talk With Prospects on Facebook

OK your purpose if effectively to first build a bit of rapport.   People don't want to do business with people they don't know like and trust.

Maybe ask what business they are promoting online, ask them why they joined.  Your aim will be to determine their “Why”.  Are they looking to make a little more money or a lot.  Ask if they could earn that what would it mean to them and their family….?  Fan the flame a little bit.  By simply asking questions and probing a little bit you can have them feel their pain.  People don't remember what they say they remember how they feel.

Here is where your experience comes in, your goal is to achieve all of the above, but don't be creepy about it.  Don't launch a sales pitch at the first half opportunity.

Take a look at my post on how to communicate with purpose HERE


Here's the truth, you will make mistakes from time to time and maybe loose some people here and there.

You know because you send a message and there will be no response.  Don't push – back off.  But don't do it straight away because they might have simply put the phone down or gone to the toilet or something…

BUT there are over a billion users on facebook, go again.  You will find your rhythm and learn from experience.  You goal is to get eyeballs on your presentation.  More eyeballs more money….  Simple as that.

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