How to Avoid Procrastination

I Could Not Be Bothered Today – How to Overcome Procrastination

I Could Not be BotheredI was slouching on the coach watching TV and staring through walls today and through my mind went the thought of I could not be bothered doing anything today. But these thoughts are dangerous because inactivity in your business will cause loss of momentum and set a bad example for your team.

Poison plain and simple.




I had committed to myself that I would post a blog every day and make or upload a video. By telling myself that I could not be bothered and “I'll do it tomorrow” is plain and simple just teaching myself bad habits that if left unchecked would ensure my failure. So What did I do? I dragged myself of my lazy ass, read my goal sheet, got at least semi motivated made the video below uploaded it and wrote this quick blog post. Killed two birds with one stone.

Now you won't see any SEO, keyword research, optimization or fancy description. Hell I probably didn't even brush my hair for the video and certainly no effort to dress smart was made.

But here is the thing. I got off my ass and did it even when to be sure I DID NOT WANT TO. I feel better for it now and I will be back in full swing tomorrow I'm sure.

So If you have days like this – You can do it too.


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