America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World…..

America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World…..


I saw a video which would have to be the most honest 3 minutes of Television I have ever seen.  I watched this many times.  Now even Though I'm an Aussie, it really hit home.  Watch the video…….




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The line he says at the end.

“First Step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one”

Not all that long ago,  I was in a situation where I worked 14 hours a day 6 days a week.  I realized I was slowly rotting away and turning into a bitter old man.  I realized I had a problem, I set out to fix it.  Funny enough I got retrenched not that long after this discovery.  So instead of getting all depressed and feeling like “nobody loves me” I saw it as a blessing in disguise and turned to online marketing.

Man was it a struggle at first there are so many shiny objects on the internet I found myself  jumping from one thing to the next without any real ability to generate leads for any of them.  In effect I was eating into my savings because of all the membership fee's and little income.  Then I found MLSP.  Within MLSP I found a team of people who had my best interest at heart who were concerned with helping me succeed.  Things really took off once I embraced YouTube Marketing.  The leads started flowing in, more video's I made the more leads I got.  It was uncanny.  Yes I generated leads from my blog and other social media avenues – but the video's worked for me 24/7 – once I uploaded them and ranked them they are a free source of leads which is completely hands off.  I got two leads while writting this blog post PMLOL.  See…..

So if you are, or aspiring to be, an online marketer.  Youtube Marketing will be by far the most lucrative source of leads to build your business.  Where I learn't everything I know about it was from the guys that created TUBE TRAFFIC MOJO.  The training coarse listed below.  Take the time to check it out.

Youtube Marketing

Tube Traffic MojoEvery additional step you take in Youtube Marketing  counts to help Youtube Ranking.  It starts with what email address you use in gmail, how you establish your google + account which is linked to your Youtube Channel.  How you build your google + friends, your youtube settings, security, background, links, bio, custom channel name. ……  So much stuff makes so much difference.

Here is the thing, I learn't near every thing I know from The guys who set up TUBE TRAFFIC MOJO.  This training coarse is second to none.  If you are serious about internet marketing using Youtube Marketing as your spear head, then you need to take a serious look at TTMClick Here


Master LeadsOne step Further, if you are looking to invest in your future in internet marketing and you like the look of  Tube Traffic Mojo I have another option for you.  The Value in this package is second to none.  Not Only do you get the entire TTM coarse BUT you also get quality training in Facebook and SEO.

What if you had ALL THREE strategies in one spot to add to your marketing arsenal…

Mastering just one of these strategies will turn your business and life around! Eventually mastering all 3 will change your lifestyle forever?…

This video shows you how…



But if Your Budget Dousn't Quite reach that far, one you probably need it more than you know and two, you know you need it more than you want your money PMLOL.  Anyway – I digress…..  Learn Everything you will need to know about Youtube Marketing – Youtube Ranking

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So if you “Don't like Mondays” don't shoot the whole day down – Haha. Instead of oozing into the couch when you get home, take some action to change your situation. Click banner below, enter your details, watch the video then join. Simple as that. We can connect and form your game plan after….. 🙂

MLSP Mastery


Looking Back at the post it turned into more like a friggen resources page than something on Youtube Marketing.  PMLOL but seriously I have disclosed what I do step by step to gain my Youtube Ranking.   Plain and simple.  I'm here to help YOU make it – Nothing would give me greater pleasure.  Connect with me on Skype if you would like or Visit my Personal Coaching Page if you want some serious guidance.


I look forward to Connecting with you and I will see you on the inside.


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