5 Easy Steps To Sell Anything Using The Written Word

Here's the truth, you make money when you make a sale. You exchange something of value for cash. That's what pays for your lifestyle.

The ability to sell anything online using the written word is the most powerful skill that you can have. Good copywriting gives you the ability to sell and scale at will. It's like having your own “magic slot machine” with every piece of content you create.

Copywriting skills plus an Internet connection mean you can succeed from anywhere. I know, i gave up engineering – working 10-12 hours a day on a hot dusty construction sites to now living overseas working as I please.

Before we get into the 5 steps we need to discuss a couple of things you'll need in place. You do need something of value to sell…. Whether it's a physical product, an electronic product – software, system or education, it needs to be something that people want or need.

Research into your target market, take the time to create your perfect client avatar. Understand their beliefs, wants and desires.

When you know why and how people buy, you’ve got more power than you know. As long as you never lose focus on the buyer, that is. You know… “Whats in it for them”

It's no great secret though. There's over 100 years of data on tested and true copywriting tactics that always work when you want more people to buy or take some form of action.

Using enticing headlines and clear and specific language, highlighting benefits over features, offering proof, having a clear call to action, and reversing buyer risk with a guarantee can boost your conversions significantly.

The most important aspect of copy that works is how well your message matches up with the way your prospective customer views things. You’ve got to understand their motivations and desires. You’ve got to match their basic expectations and then exceed them

Start with the prospect, not the product

Don't be the parent selling sprouts to kids because it's good for them.  You might as well just bang your head on a wall.

Plenty of great products and services are ignored despite having an existing market desire. Often that’s because they don't get enough eye balls on it, but just as often it’s because the offer is not presented in an attractive way. Getting people to buy something online requires you to do three fundamental things:
1. Make an offer.
2. Provide information to help people accept your offer.
3. Make it easy to respond to your offer

But the truth is unless you have these two things in place no matter how well you position an offer you won't sell anything…

“Eye Balls” – Control of your traffic stream.
“The Machine” – The tools to make it all happen.

I'll expand on this later in the post.


How do you know what people want?

Your battle is won or lost, right here. Put me up against the greatest writer in the world, and if I understand the audience better, I will kick his or her ass every time when it comes to connection, engagement, and conversion.

What do you need to know? You need to know the kind of people they admire, and what they aspire to, despise, fear, and cherish.

When you know your audience well, what you’re really tuning into is the way your people view the world.  When you understand the worldview your prospects share – the things they believe – you can frame your story in a way that resonates so strongly with them that you enjoy an “unfair” advantage over your competition.

What are the 5 Easy Steps To Sell Anything Online

Step 1. Premise

The premise is the basic concept that weaves itself from headline
to call to action, tying everything together into a compelling story with one simple and inevitable conclusion — your desired action.

Step 2. The Big Promise

The Big or Bold Promise is generally showcased as the attention grabbing headline, that targets the solution or benefit to your target markets problem or desires in a way that triggers their “I Want That” gland.


Some examples.

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(NOTE: This one ^^ will definitely help you with your headlines)
– 6 Steps to Looking Great in your Summer Bikini
– One-legged golfer reveals his secret to huge drives and a 10-stroke improvement in his golf game
– How A Crypto Novice goes from Boarding House to Mansion

People feel compelled to click and find out more if you trigger either one of their core desires or a solution to one of their pressing problems.

Oh and people tend to love lists… If you say 6 steps to….. it's human nature to wonder “What are the Steps?”


Step 3. Paint the Picture


Here we paint a vivid picture for the reader, fleshing out the premise, promise, and setting up the benefits of taking action now.

Painting the picture is all about using images, storytelling in a way that holds the reader’s emotional interest while you edge them closer to acceptance of your offer.

Within your stories focus on communicating the benefits associated with the features or facts that you need to get across.

The way to do this is to have your readers imagine themselves enjoying the ultimate benefit or desired outcome.

Then you get very specific about how your proposed solution or idea makes that benefit happen.  The prospect has to tell themselves their own story, based on the picture you create in their head.


Step 4. Presell with social Proof


Now that you have communicated the information you want readers to accept in an emotional and brain-friendly manner. Now you’ve got to back it up with supporting proof.

I find that statistics, studies, graphs, charts, third-party facts work well were the product warrants it, however, testimonials is where it's at. Use testimonials from relateable people, either in image or video form. Testimonials are very effective at proving the features of your product deliver the benefits you’ve promised. Effectively nudging your prospect closer to clicking the buy button. Social proof, as it's known, is a must.

Basically play it straight, appeal to the reader’s logical mind to support the emotional triggers you pulled with your big promise and painting the picture.


Step 5. Call to action


The call to action is about communicating your outstanding offer in a clear, credible, and compelling fashion, and then asking for action. The grand finale, where the premise and the purchase make as much sense to the prospect as they do to you.

Great copy begins with the end in mind, so during the call to action phase you’re tying the beneficial promise and the vivid picture to solid acceptance and action.  Remember to  “tell them what you’ve told them” as a way to reinforce your close.  Making the assumption just remembers and  “gets it” is a great way to lose sales.

The goal is to get the prospect to persuade themselves through their own understanding, experiences, and desires.  The emotional picture triggers a subconscious decision to buy, at which point the sale is yours to lose or retain as the prospects logical mind takes over.


Is This All I Need?

To be honest it's a great start, but you will be refining and advancing as time goes on.  This skill is one that you will enhance and improve constantly moving forward.   Understanding these principles will stand you leagues in front of most content creators.

Great copy alone, however, does not the millionaire make.  I mentioned earlier in the post that you need Two Key additional components.  Lets expand on them now.

“Eye Balls”  &  “The Machine”

The best sales page in the world won't do you any good unless you get the eye balls of your target market on it.  You know the old saying “If a tree fell in the woods…..”

Further to that, if you don't have the infrastructure in place to capture your audience for future marketing and ultimately process your order and deliver your product.  Then…

When I first came online after taking a redundancy package as a civil engineer/project manager.  I understood it took certain critical components to be in place for a business (or structure) to be solid.

The truth is, I get sucked into the online flash and dazzle, I joined program after program, system after system, watched training webinars constantly and bought countless training programs all promising the solution.

Yes, I fell for it hook line and sinker, as so many do.

Don't get me wrong, after the initial struggle and bank account draining flurry, I did settle down and earn an income, nothing spectacular but enough to live on.  I had effectively replaced my income.   But i was now spending countless hours sitting in front of the computer prospecting.  What I was doing wasn't scaleable.

Ultimately I found that the money  was in the silent list and email subscribers not so much your facebook friends.  Once i learnt this strategy i built lists in the 1000's very quickly and have the ability to market to all of them with the click of a button and few bucks.

Imagine launching a new program or income stream, after setting up a presales funnel quickly and hit go to your list…..  Instant downline…

I have found my home in a system that not only has all the tools required to market online under one roof, but also has the required mentorship and training to take control of your traffic and therefore your destiny.

Don't worry i got your back…

I have arranged for you to gain access to the free training video's I first learnt silent list building from.  Simply click the link below and log in with facebook to access.

Silent List Building Video's

Feel free to reach out and connect if you would like a discussion.  I can take a look at what structures you've got in place and coach you on how to improve.

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