Google Search Rankings

3 Easy Secrets To Hijacking Google Search Rankings

Google Search Rankings Can be hard to achieve through traditional methods, BUT, with these 3 simple secrets you will hijack many keywords and improve your google ranking traffic.

These Google Plus tips will help ignite your traffic generating efforts for, leads and sales to your target market

What are the three secrets I hear you ask?  Watch the short video below and read on….


Google Search Rankings

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Google Search Ranking Tip 1

Embrace Google Plus.  Complete your profile fully to suit your target market.

I fact pop over to My Google Plus Profile and follow me, poke around and see what I mean.

Tip 2 for Improving Google Ranking

Post your blog content and video's to Google Plus.  Now this content should be congruent with your target market.

But should also be content that teaches something that your followers would need or want to know.  This will build your authority and your followers will start to see you as an expert.


Guess who they will call when the times comes to buy???

Please don't just post funny dog video's or any other tacky stuff like that, remain professional.

Tip 3 – Target Market Accumulation

Add people in you target niche in the geographical location that you would like.

Do a search in Google Plus for people and/or pages that are located in your area and simply add them from your personal profile.

The reason you add them from your personal profile rather than a business page is simple.  You are trying to brand yourself as the expert not a business, secondly people are more than 50% more likely to add back a person than a business page.


Embrace Google Plus as a lead generation source.   Complete your profile properly then post your content to Google Plus as well as your other social media locations.  Finally simply add people living in the location you want leads and sales from.  Do this on a regular basis and the leads will start flowing.

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