What’s The Untold Truth The Guru’s Don’t Want You To Know

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Untold Truth

Do you ever wonder why the “guru’s” are always bragging about earning ridiculous money…. Yet you feel like your “Just Spinning Your Wheels”…

There is a reason…

What is it?

Let Me Explain.

Read on.

The Untold Truth Realization

A couple of years ago I was just like you, the dream of the elusive internet freedom lifestyle was vivid, but I was uncertain exactly how to get there.

There was a constant barrage of training programs out there promising the answers, I bought many of them, implemented them and still found myself confused and broke.

All the while the cost of affiliate programs and recommended tools were racking up.

Savings were running out, credit card debt increasing…….

Can you relate to any of this?

Constantly watching webinars.

Reading eBooks

Basically spending all my time looking for the magic bullet answers instead of doing what it actually takes.

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Do You Have Belief In Your Strategy

Belief or certainty in the strategy you are implementing to reach your financial goals online is paramount.

If you are not 100% certain that what you are doing will work, trust me, any article, video, blog post or sales page that suggests the answers are within will entice you to waste more time watching it.


I Know.

I did it.

For Far Too Long…….

Once you settle down on a strategy to implement then put on the blinders and just do it.  Any action, even if imperfect will get you results.

I suspect that Your Belief will need to extend to more than just your strategy.  Belief in Yourself, belief in your system, belief in your company and belief in your marketing tactics always helps.  To measure your belief level, ask your self this, if somebody challenges you on your business, is your first reaction to defend it or agree?

Just saying.

So What Do I Need In Place To Succeed?

1. Personal Brand

launch your personal brand

First and foremost if your building you online business, network marketing company, local business or whatever is to conduct yourself as an expert in your field.  Now this doesn’t mean wait until you know everything, use the LTS strategy.  Learn – Teach – Suggest.

This is the basis for Attraction Marketing.  ie http://andrewtwelftree.com/AMFhaving people reach out to you instead of chasing people that are simply not interested.

If you look at all the successful business owners online.  They have a personal brand.

My recommendation to you would be to grab a copy of “The Attraction Marketing Formula” Now.  Print it out, get your highlighters and read it cover to cover 5 times.  The have it sitting within sight whenever you are doing anything to do with your business.

2. Content

Content Marketing

To implement your personal brand above you will need to create some content.  ie Learn something, Teach it to others and Suggest they get on your list, buy a product or join your program.

Where to put it?

  • Personal Self Hosted Blog
  • Youtube
  • Social Media (Facebook, G+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest……. )
  • WordPress/Blogger/Tumbler  or some other pre made blogging platform.

Whilst it may take a little work to set up your own blog I believe it is time well spent as you have 100% control over it.  All of the others are at the mercy of the platform owner.  ie Youtube accounts closed, Facebook Accounts blocked, Blogger blog removed….

Your blog is your home.  Create an awesome post, then share it to all of the others above.

website traffic

3. Traffic

Whats the saying?

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody was there to see it, did it really fall?

Here’s the truth, you can have the best content in the world, but if nobody see’s it you might as well not bother.

In effect you will need to find a way to get your content in front of your target market.

There are several options.  Paid traffic is definitely a skill that should be mastered, however, without the right training, you could blow a wad of cash real fast.

The key is to select your advertising medium, be it facebook, twitter, PPC, Youtube or one of countless other methods then master one through testing and tweaking. Then and only then pick up a different medium and master that also.

Any one traffic source mastered will be enough to set you free.

4. Sales System – Email List

You need a system that works for you that has pre made irresistible offers to attract leads and capture email addresses, turn those leads into prospects, your prospects into buyers and your buyers into long term business partners.

True systems like this are few and far between.

aweber email marketing

Everybody needs to build a list of emails, and provide value to that list to build trust and credibility.  Not everybody is ready to buy or join straight away, if you can provide value and keep yourself top of mind then you will be first in line when the time is right.

I use Aweber as my autoresponder,   It’s perfect for people just starting out all the way up to the experienced marketer.

There is a $1 trial if you wanted to grab it.  Aweber


5. Back End High Ticket Commissions

This is where the real profits online exist.  It will take you a long time to get make any real money selling $20 commission products.  But when you can earn $1000 on a high ticket program you will need a lot less traffic to make it.


In summary it is possible to create a profitable online business with enough traffic pointing at an awesome system that has high ticket back end offers.  But to really excel online, build a strong personal brand as well.

If you have an existing business you are attempting to grow or you are brand new online, I recommend taking a serious look at this system.  EMP’s Ignition training program will teach you all the skills I have mentioned above step by step in a easy to follow manner.  Watch Video Now.

Question for you.  Do you believe, armed with this knowledge, you could build a strong team with massive duplication?  Would your team benefit from this information?  Comment Below.

I hope you got value from my training today.

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