How Much Can I Get?

You Can Apply for up to your Average Monthly Banked Turnover

If you need more than 500K we may be able to help.

You can apply from different businesses or subsidiaries of one business

to reach the amount you need.  All other qualification apply.

Contact Me For Assistance.

Feel Free To Reach Out To Me.

Andrew Twelftree

DAC Rep Number = DAC1541

+1 321 200 0103

skype: drewyby



Absolute Minimum Requirements

  • Been in Business 4 months (1 Year or More Preferred)
  • 10,000 Average Monthly "Banked" Turnover
  • 3 Or more Deposits into Your Bank Account (10+ Preferred)
  • <3 "Non Sufficient Funds", "Bounced Checks" or "Overdrawn" per month (0 Preferred)
  • 500+ Credit Score (Soft Pull Only)
  • Located within the 50 States of USA


Documents Required With Each Application

  • Completed 1 Page Application Form (every line- N/A if doesn't apply)
  • 4 Months Bank Statements
  • 4 Months Merchant Account Statements (if you accept CC)
  • Last Years Tax Return (If you haven't done one yet, simply submit without, we'll still get a loan for you, it just limits the number of lenders we can choose from)
  • Voided Check
  • Drivers License

How To Apply.

Once all documents are ready, send email to

Send me a quick email to let me know you have applied or simply copy me in.

Attach The following Documents to the email.

  • Completed Application Form (Every line)
  • your last (4) four months business bank statements,
  • your last (4) four months merchant processing statements (if you take credit cards)
  • your drivers license
  • A voided check from your business account
  • 2014 or 2015 business taxes, all pages. (Only if lodged)

I look Forward To Helping You.

I understand that it takes drive and ambition to build a successful business.  After speaking with many business owners like yourself over the previous months, capital acquisition to take opportunities on offer, seems to be one of the biggest hurdles.  You now have the ability to soar over that hurdle and beyond.  I am grateful to be able to help you.

If you desire any advice or training on internet marketing or social media strategies feel free to visit my blog or reach out to me.  I'm here to help.  Details Below.

Andrew Twelftree

+1 321 200 0103

Skype: drewyby


ps: I would love to hear about your experience, comment below.

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