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Is SEO Killing Your Business – What Must You Do To Succeed

  Early in my online marketing career, I found that trying to SEO or search engine optimize every blog post and video was severely damaging my business. How I hear you ask? Watch video and see…   I guess if you like the idea of making money, then blogging and video marketing is definitely the way…

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Increase Conversion When Emailing Your List… Secret Revealed.

How to email you list to increase conversions into your primary program. For a while in my internet marketing career, I was a lead accumulator, here is the thing, a thousand leads and five bucks gets you a cup of coffee. Leads without conversion is worthless to both you and your leads. You will find…

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There – On That Beach – Immortality – Take It It’s Yours

After watching this inspiring clip from the movie Troy I had one of those Ah Ha moments. The Scene is Achilles who has rowed his Myrmidons ahead of the massive Greek army ready to storm the beaches of Troy. Watch the Clip……. So How do we relate this to our every day lives…..? Here’s My…

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Don’t Be Seduced By The Dark Side – Stop Negative Emotions Fast

Don’t be seduced by the dark side, by this I mean don’t let negative emotions run your life. If you believe that you have bad luck, the world has a funny way of manifesting it into existence. Watch video….. by the dark side, by this i mean.. If you have found some value in this…

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How To Make Money While Watching Monday Night Football…

I was watch the football here in Australia, different rules, much tougher. I knew I had to create some content to meet my goal of creating a video every day and post a blog every day. So I came up with this plan, fun and effective. Watch video to see how I did it……. I…

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Overcome Fear of Making Video’s – How To Get Past Crippling Fear.

I had an extreme case of “Find something else to do” ‘itis when i came to making video’s early in my online marketing career.  I knew video marketing was definitely worth my time to do because of the traffic that it can generate.  It is 1000 times easier to rank a video than a blog…

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Keyword Tool – Killer Keywords In No Time – Keyword Tool Review

Keyword Tool – Killer Keywords In No Time – Keyword Tool Review     Keyword Tool for doing your keyword research is great but the google keyword tool can be slow and cumbersome.  Stop wasting time doing your research and start spending it doing something that will expand your business, get your keyword tool research…

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How To Convert A Word Document To pdf And Keep Hyperlinks

word to pdf with hyperlinks

Upon launching my Ebook, I realized that the pdf I had created did not carry the hyperlinks in it.  I thought what a complete waste of time. So i went back and tried to convert it again with no success. I then went to google search and tried there.  Well what an experience. Two hours…

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America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World…..

America Is Not The Greatest Country In The World….. I saw a video which would have to be the most honest 3 minutes of Television I have ever seen.  I watched this many times.  Now even Though I’m an Aussie, it really hit home.  Watch the video…….      

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