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Strategies and tactics to prospect offline.

The Inches We Need In Life Are All Around Us…..

  The inches are all around us, so many times our choices in life have profound consequences. Just the smallest decision on your part might seem insignificant right now, but the ripple effect could make that one small thing you did or didn’t do could effect everything in your life. Choose Wisely. Watch this inspirational…

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SW4x Rule – What Is It? – How Will It Effect Your Business

  The SW4x Rule, you need to understand it to effectively move on in your business. Rather than get into what the rule is and how it effects you and your business, be easier to just watch the video. Watch Video now…. I guess if you like the idea of making money, then blogging is…

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How To Get People To Take Action

  Rather than just be a lead accumulator without getting any real results, wouldn’t it make more sense to actually convert more of the leads you do get into sales and reps. Life would be so much easier for you if your conversion rate went up. Watch this video by Anthony Robins it will help.…

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Don’t Be Seduced By The Dark Side – Stop Negative Emotions Fast

Don’t be seduced by the dark side, by this I mean don’t let negative emotions run your life. If you believe that you have bad luck, the world has a funny way of manifesting it into existence. Watch video….. by the dark side, by this i mean.. If you have found some value in this…

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Network Marketing – How To Succeed In Today’s Online World

Network Marketing – How To Succeed In Today’s World   I guess by now everybody has heard of Network Marketing, most have an opinion on it.  Some believe it is the best way for the every day man to climb his way out of the slavery of a JOB. Others will say it’s a friggen…

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